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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. It's okay, though; she says we can still go on the vacation I planned next month for our 3 year anniversary, just "as friends." The tickets are non-refundable. FML
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F that. Take someone else.

Wow, of course she is trying to cash out on something. No bf and a free trip to flirt with people. Don't take her. She isn't worth the trouble and the pain you will feel during the trip.


F that. Take someone else.

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Bring someone else and have sex with them, then send her a picture on a card that says "Wish you were here!"

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Do women not think we have hearts that can break too? I want so bad to find a girl who doesn't date just for looks and sex.

Hi, 17! I'm one of tho... *re-reads comment*... Want to be friends?

Do it... And destroy her every chance you get

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I agree #30 take her and right at the end run off with her ticket back and leave her stranded. That's some bullshit op

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i don't really see how she's being a bitch, unless her intentions were for selfish reasons only. if i broke up with my boyfriend and i knew he went all out like OP did, i'd feel really guilty and say the same thing his girlfriend did. at least she still wants to be friends, and doesn't want you to only be part of her past? :)

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Take her mum

Wanting to be friends after a 3 year relationship is like keeping your dog after it died.

Dude, really what you should do is call her in a few days after you've "thought it over" and agree to take her, but tell her that you "suddenly have to stay at work a bit late that day" and say that she needs to find a ride to the airport. And then show up with someone else and take them. That way she'll have to waste at least one vacation day for nothing. And know what you're feeling. Muhahaha

43: Seriously? If you broke up with your boyfriend, you'd still go on the couple's anniversary trip he paid for? Because you felt bad? Tell me how that makes any sense, please.

#43 if she even had the slightest doubt she should've told the guy way before he planned all this, it's not like you wake up one day 3 years into a relationship and suddenly want to break up, i think you consider it at least a couple of times first. So no she was just a bitch

Ummm. That's being selfish just by thinking he'd still want to take you after breaking up.

I agree with you 100% of the way but then again girls wish they met a guy who didn't care about how big their boobs are and how tight their jeans is? Idk if I'm making sense I hope my girl isn't like that....

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There's no such thing as being "just friends" after that long. Take someone else.

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DUDE please please have the gonads to invite someone else

Aww come on, we all know what "be friends" means.

#13 more like should've been here xD

yeah, if you're driving and not flying, when she goes to the bathroom at a rest stop you can just take off

She just made your trip 1000% better by doing that. Take a wing man and do it up right.

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#43- That's the issue though, they've been dating for 3 years and he's planned a huge thing for their 3 year anniversary, but she breaks up with him and says something like that. He had 3 years invested in her and obviously loved her dearly, but to be told they can still be friends is just a major "Fuck you" to the guys heart. "Funny how they always want to be friends after they tear your guts out."

Take a hooker. :)

I think it's better to take her BFF than her mom, lol

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And then get herpes.. Or HIV+ if you're lucky. Nay to a hooker, why pay if you could get free sex

Wow, of course she is trying to cash out on something. No bf and a free trip to flirt with people. Don't take her. She isn't worth the trouble and the pain you will feel during the trip.

Take her best friend with you.

Imagine if they end up going and she finds a new boyfriend during the vacation. "Today, my relationship with the girl of my dreams finally ended when she met her new boyfriend during her vacation. The same vacation that I payed for. FML"

if she has a sister take her !!! :)

Taking her sister would be a very low blow; even if she is a complete bitch there is no need to potentially break up a family.

Judging by the votes, I guess people don't care about tearing apart families in order to get revenge. Unbelievable. Well, if an Ex of yours runs off with one of your siblings, you can't cry about it 'cause according to you it's perfectly acceptable.

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Oh the irony..

Get a friend and have some fun! :)

Well OP, jackdaniels is a good friend o mine. I'll introduce y'all

if y'all wanna hear a good country song about the whiskey after a breakup, look up "New Best Friend" by Aces Up. it might ring true for OP.

Hopefully you booked it in a party town. Find a guy buddy to take instead and hit up the town. You paid for it, you have fun while she figures out why she ever broke up with you.

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Ya, but most flight tickets are under an exact name. In that case, OP wouldn't be able totals anyone else.

True, but for a small additional fee most airlines will allow you to make a simple change like that. (Heck, a lot of the ones that allow you to book online even include a disclaimer saying that any changes to the flight information will incur an additional fee)

You can transfer a plane ticket. Depending on the airline it could have a fee. Don't take the girl shes not worth it

don't take her. Bring someone else. it will be awkward if you take your ex gf.

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And pointless

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If I were OP I wouldn't trust her again, considering what she just did.

That's ridiculous. Take a friend, don't be shitty and take a different girl.

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You know, guys do have friends that are girls. His ex doesn't need to go, and it shouldn't matter who he takes. Besides, she broke up with him. Not his problem.

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Would you want to be subjected, as the female friend he brought, to the wrath and vitriol of the ex that wanted exotic dick on op's dime?

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^Tough shit. She breaks up with OP, she loses vacation. Otherwise she can fund it herself.

Tell her to cough up her half of the money..

3-Unless it's he is a psychopath, I doubt he will be digging her heart out

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That sucks :/ but at least you get a vacation