By Anonymous - 19/06/2011 05:01 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me by putting a post-it note on my locker that said "consider yourself dumped". FML
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Rico_Mal1116 0

Wow, that was low. Write her a post-it note saying "consider your self unworthy."

at least the sticky note will stick by you


and she couldn't do this in person?

Shadow_Phantom 26

Apparently not. Some things are hard to do in person... for me, that includes talking. FYL, OP.

eminemchick 19

the way ur girlfriend (or ex girlfriend now) stated that, is equivalent to the way Lizzie McGuire talked in 2001 xD

If you can't break up with someone politely you shouldn't be dating. A dislike of talking shouldn't stop you from having manners, especially towards someone you apparently liked enough to date.

Why were you at school on a Sunday? o.o

"Today," is always the start of an FML. Does not necessarily mean it happened the day it was actually posted.

Plus it doesn't have to be school, it could be at a work place, or the gym. The possibilities are out there.

she could have been more creative, like sticking trash in your locker hence the consider yourself dumped. so look on the bright side: atleast you're not dating a boring idiot ;)

she could have been more creative, like sticking trash in your locker hence the consider yourself dumped. so look on the bright side: atleast you're not dating a boring idiot ;)

Susieee_Q 9

I can't shake the feeling that there is something missing in the FML. Like, OP could have been a cheater or an asshole. You don't see a lot of girls be such bitches too often, although I don't want to assume. the possibility is always there: maybe she is just a bitch, in which case just be happy she's out of your life.

He might go to boarding school.

iSitt 0

she couldn't do it via Facebook? where are her manners?

OceanBreathesSal 5

46- yea but most guys can't take a hint.

lol she proves a point

10-you watched Lizzie McGuire too???!!! ;D

54-I see women turn into bitches for no reason all the time. They usually try blaming on their rag or some crap like that. But maybe he did cheat.

109-- Yes, I do mind that gum in your mouth.

her tombstone shall read 'Consider yourself dead'

at least the sticky note will stick by you

How did OP know it was his girlfriend and not a joke from someone? (lots of people have similar writing)

MasterL 3

lol thumbs up for being optamistic : D

Op's gf probably cheated on him. Thats why she couldn't look him in the eye....

That made my day, haha.

Take the note back to her and tell her to "stick" it up her ass, aha.

better yet stick your foot up her ass

51 I agree. Funny how it goes that way.

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

at least he 'got the message'


richard121212 0

wowmania badoozles

Rico_Mal1116 0

Wow, that was low. Write her a post-it note saying "consider your self unworthy."

You don't even know why she dumped him, especially in such an impersonal manner. He could have totally deserved it.

txtrphyhnter 0

It doesn't matter what went on between the two if you have feelings for someone you should at least have the respect and dignity to tell them those feelings are gone in person

Randuhh_17 4

what if domestic violence was the case?

Rico_Mal1116 0

If domestic violence was involved, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't turn out with a post-it note on someone's locker saying "consider yourself dumped."

Then use common sense and realize a common break up probably wouldn't apply to that kind of situation.

#37, I believe she is referring to the previous comments on this post saying how you should properly break it off with someone and not use something dumb like a post-it.

fromthesuck 8

you all are assuming that this is any kind of mature relationship. sounds to me like this is a junior high relationship.

krispeykreme14 4


9, You would NEVER say that if the roles were reversed.

42 you are absolutely right. They probably only went out for a week, silly sweethearts. But we are all just assuming things to make a point. Learn the facts before you make an argument.

her tombstone: consider yourself dead >:) mwahahaha

129, that comment wasn't funny when you irrelevantly posted on the first post and it isn't funny now. Begone.

hm. interesting. at least it wasn't over a text, right? sorry op

Shadow_Phantom 26

It was an IRL text.

chalmers86 0

Write her number on a public toilet wall will with '[Name] Deep throats like you wouldn't believe' above.

thanks for the idea :D

what a cunt. I bet that if you did that to her she'd find a way to make you the bad guy but because she's a chick it' fine. Gotta love double standards.

killherspirit 0

Lol its not really a double standard since appearantly, shes the bad guy in this post. Regardless of gender thats just generally an inappropiate way to break up.

scotty35503 5

yeah, but more often than not, nobody makes a big deal out of it because the girl did it to the guy. if it were the other way around, his reputation would be ruined.

Well you guys get to fu*k whoever you want and be referred to as a playa or a pimp and have it be okay. Stop complaining, leave us to our post-its!

she sounds like a bitch

doof234 0

that sound like crap. nowadays, women are messed up, I am one too I just have the guts to admit it. wait... haven't they always been oops...

she cud hav slapped u so, it cud be worst

Well, of course. She could have kidnapped and murdered the OP as well. Makes slapping them seem almost gentle, doesn't it?

redshortsx 0

LMFAO ^ redbluegreen!

that bites. at least it was a clean break...not weeks of wondering. chin up, bro.

MizzErikaHart 8

weeks? that's a long time to be unsure.