By kumcat - 11/01/2015 05:57 - United States - Aurora

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me by canceling our relationship status on Facebook. I commented in disbelief, only for my dad to reply "#rekt", then "But seriously, about time. She's gonna give your balls back, right?" Thanks for the support. FML
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She broke up through Facebook. Is she 12?

Thinkitthrough 23

That is really messed up man. Your dad should have your back and the girl should at least care enough to tell you in person. Hey at least she didn't try to frame you for cheating.


Just some more stupid things that teens say. As a teen, every day I hear "get rekt". FML

To get destroyed (or something that).

It's text-speak for "wrecked".

ty 24. thought it was like lol

You will usually get a message while playing call of duty. After getting quick scoped, one may message, "get rekt skrub"

I was like thinking of acronyms whoops

Thinkitthrough 23

That is really messed up man. Your dad should have your back and the girl should at least care enough to tell you in person. Hey at least she didn't try to frame you for cheating.

His dad wasn't that harsh. He could've put #shrekt, or even the almighty #TyrannosaurusRekt

im_a_black_guy 10

Like the other fml lol

She broke up through Facebook. Is she 12?

At least mentally. I thought every Facebook user was, though.

Ooh, aren't you the edgy one? I thought the anti-Facebook hipster thing died out years ago.

#3 - Facebook is shit. I stopped using it ages ago because the IQ of a Facebook user is equal to the amount of letters in Facebook.

#8 - It's a pity that you think I'm trying to fabricate some sort of edgy persona, I guess people can't have opinions about the narcissism and unnatural levels of obsession in other peoples' lives that social networks facilitate without being "hipsters". Go ahead and watch S5E08 of 'Community'. I'll wait.

Life itself facilitates those things, and you say that as if you're not on FML, where people read about other people's lives and try to be funny for thumbs. I don't really care enough to let a TV show make your arguments for you, I just thought what you said was incredibly stupid.

#17 - Your comparison of Facebook to FML is really off base. Silly self-indulgent humor is secondary to the place we all converge, whereas Facebook is the embodiment of shallow, degrading, and self-serving behavior.

#12- Fuck off! I use Facebook and know plenty of intelligent people on there.

Oh, and MrConcise, you too. Not everyone who uses Facebook solely uses it to post dumb shit. A lot of people actually use it for good reasons; communication, announcements, planning. My cousins wife just announced the birth of their daughter, on Facebook. Saved a hell of a lot of time in phone calls, and you have the gall to say that its the embodiment of bad behaviour. Fuck you, good night.

#21 - What an impersonal way to announce a birth. Shame.

or she was hacked/she meant to change it to another

No, she was damn well not hacked. She'd given birth not 3 hours before the photo was posted. And Concise, I will once again tell you to fuck off. If someone wants to make an announcement on Facebook, they damn well have that right. I will say this as politely as possible; get that cactus removed from your ass and deepthroat it.

At first, I didn't like #4's comment and the few after but, I think #21 just proved #4's point about Facebook users......

I_eat_hearts17 9

#28 you are reffering to the original post being hacked right?

Do explain how all the good things I just listed about Facebook gets outweighed by the concise idiot who only says that its mainly for degenerates. To 35; and this is why we HAVE numbers and usernames, we should use them!

#36 - You're pretty hostile and rude, and the ad hominem is uncalled for. Perhaps you should stop misplacing your frustration, you're definitely not portraying yourself in a positive light. People may disagree with my opinions, sure, but at least when I argue them I don't come out looking like a hot-headed asshole.

At least in this argument, I'm not being a jerk by calling anyone who uses Facebook- or ANY social media for that matter- stupid. Hot headed, maybe, but at least I had more basis other than "people who use it are stupid". Again; Cactus, ass, deepthroat. Good night, sir.

#42 - Please quote where I implied anybody was stupid for using social media, because that did not happen. If you're going to make an argument, you might want to comprehend the person you're arguing against.

Okay, maybe not you, but you were pretty close. I'm not apologizing, you might well have just stood at a podium and repeated the whole "mind of a twelve year old" bullshit. Again, GOOD NIGHT!

^ Midlink has a history of taking things too seriously. But hell, can't you two guys take your argument through messaging?

#47 - Nah, I'm done here. He clearly doesn't understand how vanity and melodrama don't equate to stupidity. I already got my point across that we as people invest too much into the public images of ourselves and graphic representations of our thoughts, anybody who cares enough will have understood.

#4 Well I like to use Facebook to plan large events, like school group projects or field trips, birthday/Christmas/New Year's parties, themed get-togethers (like I planned a fun Harry Potter night with my friends), etc... I find it easier to use than the phone (because I can't call 5+ people at the same time, but I can immediately update several people on new locations/ideas via social media), I like that it's instantaneous and it is also really useful because I can use things like polls (to get an organized view of people's opinions on schedule, events, or whatnot) and post maps of the location and photos if I need an opinion on something, without actually having to physically go to my friends to individually show each of them photos of ideas/locations (I have no car and we currently live in different cities), etc. I know there's other social medias, but I find Facebook is very user friendly and most people have an account.

Also, it's a good way to send photos to a group of people. It's easy to say that sharing photos via social media is cold/impersonal, but I have family who live in different countries or hours and hours away from where I live (plus, as I said, I can't drive yet) and when someone has kids or gets baptized and they want to be able to have some photos to send to 50+ family members, it's just easier to post the 30 different photos on a group page than to send a zillion emails or letters. Not to mention people like having a digital copy now (to put in those electronic frames, or make cds, or whatever) So yeah, Facebook has a lot of vanity/melodrama, but I find it can be quite useful when you need it. I know there are other sites that can do the same things, but as I've said, Facebook is really user friendly :)

I use Facebook, but the act of breaking up through any social platform seems childish. Hence "is she 12 years old?" You guys misunderstood my first comment. Case closed.

WaxenSecrets 5

I don't use Facebook because it's just not my scene. I dunno, I guess I just never got into it. I'm usually the last to know about anything that's going on though and sometimes that's kinda wack. I wish I didn't feel pressured to participate on a site that doesn't really interest me. Just bums me out that people find it sufficient to use facebook instead of other mediums.

all this angry talk.... i thougth midnalink was the girlfriend :)

Who breaks up on facebook? Pretty immature. Sorry OP

Are you sure she meant to break up with you? Unless she gave some type of verbal confirmation, I wouldn't be certain there wasn't another reason behind the change.

Looks like you need some new people in your life

This makes me glad my parents don't use Facebook.

Well aren't you lucky. If I unfriend mine I might as well be getting my death bed ready.

Me too, #25. At least I get away by hiding my status and relationship updates from them, they can only see my profile and cover photos :)

Your dad and ex-girlfriend are both assholes.

why it was a fair comment from his dad.

What kind of bitch breaks up in face book?! Oh wait, bitches.