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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she felt that her puppy was lonely while we dated. FML
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Honest puppy love.

ThiQQ 9

But doesn't it make you feel better that there's one less sad puppy dog? c:


Honest puppy love.

Dodged a bullet in my opinion

Effing bitch is in puppy love.

I think there needs to be a new term for getting cock-blocked by a dog.

You just got pup-blocked

#1 puppies r not as important as a relationship #2 bring the puppy with u #3 she had no interest in u she found a lame excuse

ThiQQ 9

But doesn't it make you feel better that there's one less sad puppy dog? c:

And one more sad guy D:

To be honest, this may be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

MikeonFML 17

Could've integrated the dog into relationship via walks in the park etc.

Pwn17 25

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Though I wouldn't dump someone FOR my dog like OP, but if someone said me or the dog, I'd pick my dog because she has unconditional love and loyalty for me and will always be happy to see me... Guys will come and go. And besides she gets all depressed and lethargic if I leave her with my roommate or parents for a few days, so I get the lonely gist. Yet like I said, don't think I'd dump a dude by saying my dog needs me...

Pwn17 25

True, but in this case it was because the dog "seemed" lonely to her, this likely not even being the case, just her being kinda paranoid. Maybe it was, but I doubt it. I love my dog the same way too, by the way.

Lamest fucking excuse . I bet she's seeing someone else .

I could understand if the dog really did need more attention especially because its a puppy, but I don't understand why you would need to dump someone over that, just explain the situation and suggest spending less time out and maybe more time at her place with the dog.

I may be both young (18) and forever alone, but saying "Guys come and go" and getting 24 up votes really opens my eyes to how immature the people on this website are...

TheDrifter 23

I don't know about immature, once you've been around a while you'll realize most relationships are not eternal. Whether they're friendly or romantic in nature, you meet someone, feel that spark and see where it leads. Over time most people change, and if both don't keep in the same direction in life, things fade. So yeah, people come and go, but that doesn't make them mean less while they're here. Now go and be forever not so alone.

62- just you wait my sweet summer child, you go through many, many horny frogs before you will find a prince.

lexi365 20

#22, Did you just picked an animal over a human being?

77- yep. People are fucking idiots and bat shit crazy. I'd rather chill with my dog and a book on the back porch than entertain some shallow, bored, clueless soul.

Uhh generally they do come and go? Wouldn't leave one for a pet, but a lasting guy happens... to those that work for that koind of happiness.

Ahhh, another poorly thought up excuse to break up with someone.

Damian95 16

People need to be honest and sincere. Sit them down, be gentle, look them in the eyes, and tell them they suck ass. Its a polite way of solving everything.

#42, you just made my day

One less lonely puppy.

Or maybe she just wasnt into the relationship and used this bad excuse to break up with you.

Prolly wasnt giving her enough space

Seriously? Your girlfriend needs to realize that an animal isn't as important as you.

I call bull shit. The bond between a girl and her dog is more significant than a lot of relationships.

assassinbanana0 20

A dog is family. Family shoul d come first most of the time. Of she was spending more time with OP and less and less time with her puppy, then yea, she needs to spend more time with her dog. Maybe not break up, that was a bit extreme. But animals need love, also

KiddoKS 19

31, Please never ever name any pet you own for real Foofoo :)

kayteakay 26

Yes, loving your pets is great but letting them be more significant that human relationships is unhealthy. They aren't your equals.

I don't really think that's unhealthy. It's not unhealthy to be introverted or just naturally get along more with pets than you do with people. Introverts are about half of the world, but it can be really difficult for them to feel normal in this social-butterfly-glorifying culture we have. If your relationship with your pet(s) is more important to you than your relationships with people, more power to you :)

it doesn't specify how long they've been dating. I'd consider my relationship with my dog more important than a short relationship with a person. I'd be unlikely to break up with someone over something like this, however I'd also consider it extremely unlikely I'd ever give up a pet for a guy either. It is not necessarily unhealthy to value a pet relationship more than a human, provided there is balance in ones life it shouldn't be an issue. If you're a animal lover and consider your pet family you just need to find someone who gets that and loves pets as much.

Well, I think MY dog is more important than you.

mjzgirl1995 6

In some families they may treat their animals like family, but animals no matter if they are your family or whatever should not make your decisions.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

D: I will gladly put my dog before most people. They say if you want unconditional love to get a dog, and that's the damn truth!

ileenefudge 29

That's one excuse I haven't heard before. She should have given a better reason for the breakup other than blaming her lonely dog. I think she was just really desperate to get out of the relationship and used any stupid thing that came to mind to end it.

KiddoKS 19

OP should have called her out on it and told her they could just hang out at her place more often... I would have liked to see her squirm out of that one.

Well.. Either she's weird, values her puppy over you (because there are crazy dog ladies..that's a thing), or she was trying to spare your feelings that she doesn't really like you.

why would that make her a crazy dog lady? maybe her and op haven't been together long, maybe op doesn't like dogs and wasn't willing to spend more time at her place just to keep the dog company. I value my dog over some humans, I am not a crazy dog lady I am a mama and a fiancée so I have healthy human relationships too. There very well could be a lot more to this story, like maybe she doesn't even have a dog and just used that excuse..

I realize that doesn't mean that she's a crazy dog lady, I'm sorry you took offense to it. I would agree that I value my dog over some human relationships too. It was just a funny comment, and there is a sect of people out that that value dogs above all else, and have kennels with 20 dogs. They would do anything for that dog before they would a human. And yes, I realize that doesn't make them "crazy" per se, but it's not the human norm to care so greatly and intensely like that for another species, as its instinct for us to put our species above everyone else.

Still, a better love story than Twilight!