By Randy Savage - / Monday 2 February 2009 16:29 / United States
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By  OEsEben  |  0

I've done this, but I would never do it with a girlfriend... me and friends have tagteamed before though.

By  katieatieay  |  0

everyone's a little bisexual. otherwise, you wouldn't be so insecure about it.

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

Excuse me? Uh. No.

By  jasdog2244  |  0

haha haha haha............ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha :]

By  sensual_kidney  |  0

lmao, thats why you always check. She totally owes you a freebee (one screwing with any chick you can) and thats just sucky luck bro. O and if there are two cocks in the same room that are out and ready to go, its more gay than it needs to be (the equilibrium is swayed)

By  Mamu1977  |  0

You have to give in order to get. And believe me, if you're knocking it out solo, you don't even need to ask her about whether she's going to bring a solo lady into the bedroom at a later date. She'll reciprocate without any sort of reminders. At least, that's always been my experience.

By  laurenbabyy  |  0

you definitely deserve it. when i think alex, i think dude. I know wayyy more male alex's than female. why would she be suggesting another female anyway? you should have asked if it was a guy or a girl. and anyway, it's really not that big of a deal, just think of it more as tag teaming and don't do anything with him, you should be good.

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