By kmf - United States
  Today, my girlfriend and I were starting to get hot and heavy in my truck at our favorite park. We start going at it and we were both butt naked when I see a car pull into the lot. Not only is it a cop car, but the first thing the cop asks my girlfriend is "Are you being held against your will?" FML
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  pwnrzero  |  0

#1 isnt buried yet, and im #83.
he said "first"

and by the way, it's natural for the police to think that, you're having sex in a car, and isnt a car the perfect place to take a girl and kidnap her?

  USMC_Marine  |  0

YA HOMEE DEE SHNIZZLE MY NIZZLE FOSHIZZLE Op: a park? Where kids are and they can see you? YDI don't go into detail next time. K my nizzle.

Bizzlecopter FUNKYMUNKEY.

I have terets. Seriously

Either it's terets or aids. I get them confused

  lessthanbee  |  0

usmc, it's tourette's. google a disease/condition before trying to make jokes claiming you have it. jokes are usually funnier when you don't have to cringe due to bad spelling or grammatical errors. although, i don't think it would have helped much in this case, either way.

op: ydi for having sex in a car, but not much of a fml, unless you got cited for lewd conduct or indecent exposure.

  cdp_fml  |  0

"usmc, it's tourette's. google a disease/condition before trying to make jokes claiming you have it. jokes are usually funnier when you don't have to cringe due to bad spelling or grammatical errors. "

Umm it's grammatically incorrect to indicate plural with an apostrophe



When he said Tourette's, he was probably referring to the fact that a man by the name of Tourette discovered the disease. Thus, it's sometimes called Tourette's syndrome instead of Tourette syndrome.

  f_this_s  |  0

I'm not really good at the grammer thing... but aren't you supposed to use an apostrophe to indicate a contraction? Like "it is" it's?

  purple5  |  0

yeah, exactly! he was just looking out for her welfare, which is a good thing.. means he's doing his job right.

don't see this as much of an FML. now if she'd told him 'yes' and you were arrested or something... THAT would've been an FML!

  Finnboghi  |  0

You know if you said yes he'd instantly be charged with rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault, be given a criminal record, appear on the sex offender list, and would not longer be considered bondable.

Yep, ruining his life is an awesome joke.

And that's what happens for being charged, not convicted.

  genius_man16  |  0


Not only that, but even if you said "yes..... just kidding!" he'd still be charged because you might be saying just kidding so he doesn't beat you up later or something.

Great joke idea indeed.


Ummm thats not entirely true... if your charged with something, its just charges and alligations, you dont get put onto the sex offender registry or get a criminal record until you are in fact convicted.
Until such a time its called "pending charges/alligations"
If you are found not guilty, the records are sealed and nothing happens, if you are found guilty THEN your on the registry and have a criminal record... never BEFORE conviction.

Innocent til proven guilty... if your charged with something, yes it may suck that you have to deal with the fact that when you go to court when they call your name, all those charges come up, but until your found guilty, nothing can be done, other than maybe a restraining order against him from the girl.

  sulitak  |  27

I was thinking that. I remember my uncle (a sheriff) always saying that it was standard to me.
He liked to teach me how to spot a fake cop from a real cop.

Apparently this comment makes FML think I doubt them...

  EireGoBragh  |  1

This is standard operating procedure in these situations to ask something similar to that. "Are you being held against your will" does seem kinda negative though. In Virginia they ask both people "was what you were doing consensual". So fyl for having a cop show up, but not for him asking that.