By Anonymous - 01/04/2014 06:06 - United States - Eugene

Today, my girlfriend and I were snuggling and we placed our hands together, palm to palm. I can bend the tips of my fingers over hers, which apparently surprised her because she commented, "Huh, so big hands AREN'T related to penis size." FML
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I've got to hand it to her, that was kind of funny.

bobo_the_bear 5

Ouch. However big hands can be an asset in the bedroom if you use them right.


That's when you say "you're right, smaller hands mean bigger penises"

But both he and his girlfriend recognize that he has large hands. Your comment is just another blow to his ego.

I misread the original post, not gonna lie. I thought it said small hands mean small dicks but I mean small hands meant big dicks. My bad OP

Its not about the size, its about the effect;p

It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean, OP.

It's not about the twig, it's about the swig

I got a good chuckle for the first two replies, but then came #32

It's not the size of the army, it's the strength of the attack.

A little row boat isn't gunna be making much motion compared to a yacht....

I don't get why everyone is down voting #2, that was a really rude thing to say. I bet people would be reacting differently if the roles were reversed and it was a guy talking about how his girlfriend had small breasts. Then everyone would probably be saying he's a horrible person and she should leave him. Double standards are great.

Then again, 53, it's not a huge thing to get upset over. It's just a part of your body that you can't really change without a little help from plastic surgery. And I'm sure she was just teasing, if it was so big of a deal to her why hasn't she left him yet?

I'm just wondering where the fuck #1 is.

It's because people make it seem like a big deal. Girls constantly talk about how big of a deal it is for a guy to be big. Just like how the media glorifies big breasts making them seem absolutely necessary to girls and most likely making girls feel self conscious about the size of their own breasts. There have even been FML's with girls complaining about the size of their boyfriend. And it probably doesn't help that that's a girls go to weapon when she wants to shatter a guy's ego.

Exactly! Finally someone said it.

Apparently it is, when a guy makes a comment on breast size.

#31 the only people to thumbs up that would have to either have tiny penises or a boyfriend with a tiny penis. which seems to be just about everyone on here. great job being original btw.

kissmeImawkward 17

I'm a girl and I really think that #2 is right.if the size matters so much to her and she makes fun of her bf so easily..she's just a dumb bitch.


Im guessing #2 must also have big hands

I've got to hand it to her, that was kind of funny.

Was that an intentional pun?

Yes. I do believe it was, 58.

Damn you beat me to it lol

yes, it was intentional :p

Haha, just hope she doesn't joke about it with her friends

bobo_the_bear 5

Ouch. However big hands can be an asset in the bedroom if you use them right.

This would be a good moment for her to jokingly say "April Fools" to save herself .

8313girl 28

Lol, looks like she left that part out

dakid87 10

That my friend is called "false advertisements" lol. I'm pretty sure she's just playing.

lenalee96 22

Nevermind the fact that it is bigger feet not bigger hands.

It's not really a fact.

skipper2009 18

There are no facts when it comes to penis size and the size of any other body part.

And I assure you that having big feet does not mean big penis size either.

cryssycakesx3 22

actually your feet are the length of your forearm

I don't know what kind of crazy lanky feet or stubby arms you have, but mine are around half that..

@73 from inside elbow to wrist my foot is the same size! Wonder if everyone is like that.

#88 its actually a known thing that unless your body isnt proportioned right, your feet will be the length of your forearm.

#88 I tested it out and they're right. The length of your foot is equivalent to the lenth of your forearm. However, that doesn't take away from how funny your response was.

Perhaps you should make better use of your larger assets, if you know what I mean. ;)