By Steve - 16/12/2012 06:25 - United States - Oshkosh

Today, my girlfriend and I were in the mood for something different. So we decided to have sex in the shower. When we were finished I heard a voice outside the door asking if we needed a towel. It was my mother. FML
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daringtoride 27

WHY would you have sex in the shower when there was a chance your mum or dad would be home, come home early, etc? Goodness.

Did you get a towel?


daringtoride 27

WHY would you have sex in the shower when there was a chance your mum or dad would be home, come home early, etc? Goodness.

kingotter 4

Because a horny mind does some stupid things

Doesn't matter, had sex?

tralala453 22

She could always have come home unexpectedly.

At least she didn't walk IN the bathroom...

Lol #1's name fits the FML.

#1 i won't like your comment because it has 69 likes, DON'T RUIN IT PEOPLE!!!

1- Well we don't know the whole story. OP's mom could have visited their apartment without notice!

49- I disliked your comment because it had 13 thumbs down. I'm hoping people get it to 69 or above soon...

My brother and his girlfriend have sex every morning and my mom, dad, and I are up.

Why is parents being home a reason to not have sex?

idk maybe the couple lives together and the mother wanted to pay them a surprise visit..

Now you know not to have sex when your parents are home! At least she didn't accidently or purposefully walk in.

On the bright side, she seems like a nice lady.

Why the hell would the mom do something like that, bitch mind your own business.

Well 37, it was HER house and HER son. So, the "bitch" was minding HER business.

48 - It doesn't say anywhere that it was at the mothers house.

Did you get a towel?

It actually has a fancy name, and it's pronounced "doo-sh".

I don't think a douche and a towel are the same thing.

I'm sorry 30, but you're very incorrect.

#68 It looks as if an alien is trying to bust out of you...

Maybe he was at his own house and his mother let herself in.

beachchick9498 5

Ugh my mom does this all the time! Sadly, I don't have to worry about her walking in on me having sex...forever alone:(

I agree you a good looking woman don't see why your forever alone. But I am in the same boat. Forever alone.

oh yeah.. you'll need a towel alright. and maybe a second shower

Why would you have sex with your mom in the house????

kriz_allizwell 6

He had sex with his girlfriend, not his mom, jeez...

I'm pretty sure he meant it to mean, why would you have sex, while your mom is in the house?

8, this is why it's important to use commas.

Inheritance 10

I prefer to have sex with my mom outside of the house.

Ah, English morphosyntactic ambiguity. It's really more a problem of inflection than commas.

RedPillSucks 31

And this, Internet kiddies, is why grammar is important.

Personally speaking that I thought that your meaning was apparent.

mimiminx 23

Something different? You crazy people, you!

I know! I'm thinking, this is different? Ha!

michael99man 5

Invite her in there.

What sort of relationship do you have with your mother?

Apparently his mom is a MILF to him

RedPillSucks 31

Well, that's something different.


Not funny 10. Just no!

What's so fml about this? I'd just say yeah we do she's pretty wet

Well I can see why yours didn't get picked..

smilequeed0222 7

You live with your mom? I bet thats sexy

Nah, she just visits often.