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Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex. Right as she orgasmed, she screamed out Megatron's name. When I later confronted her about this, she said that she always had a crush on him and wanted to be queen of the Decepticons. I've been dating this lunatic for a year and half now. FML
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You're dating the dream woman of many men. Don't complain.

She's a keeper?


She's a keeper?

Indeed she is!

Who can honestly say there isn't something awesome about watching giant robots fight and blow stuff up? Yeah that's a win-win relationship

Hey! If op doesn't want here, I'll take her.

Give her your allspark...

Definitely. Especially if she pulls out a dildo that transforms into a power tool.

Don't be an ass, op. everyone has a weird fetish. You just have to find it. There is no such thing as a "normal fetish". Even a sexual attraction to breasts is peculiar in some countries.

Megatron is an autobot.......

I'm glad to know that am Not the only girl that feels that Way. I love transformers

147, just stop.

Funny how i JUST finished watching Transformers...think i'm in love with him too ;D Yep. We're all lunatics.. Well... At least me and her.

Me no speak Americano. *dances*

^ -plays fast tempo on guitar for chipmunk-

I'm more of a Sideswipe/Sunstreaker girl myself lol

What's wrong with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe? I'm trying to figure out how I got a thumbs down lol

Possibly because your comment was irrelevant to the post you replied on, and kinda ruined the "me" chain that they had going..

That makes sense. People can be weird about that stuff.

106- "people can be weird about that stuff" You're the only weird one for posting something that wasn't even relevant.

Count me in!

Well I think Zero-suit Samus is smoking, but you don't hear me throwing that out there... Dammit.

I like bumblebee personally so I guess I'm a lunatic as well lol

So...saying which transformers I'm a fan of in the transformers related post is irrelevant?

You're dating the dream woman of many men. Don't complain.

So many men want their girls to fantasize about evil robots when they have sex?

I'D be okay with it.

At least she is not fantasizing about other dudes, think about it this way

She sounds awesome.

Straight up! That was exactly what I was going to say :) I was more of a prime girl myself, but when megatron wakes up and is all 'i am megatron' wow

You know, as he cums he could shout "I'mma firing ma lazer!!" That would really get her going! Everyone has their hidden fantasies. :P

Dude, don't complain. I wish I had a girlfriend like that.

I wish I had a girlfriend. :3

75- Now that's just sad, way to kill the humour vibe. :( Bleh.

My bad sorryyyyyyyy

78- how is wishing having a girlfriend killing the "humour vibe"?

Maybe she just likes a bit o the ol mega troner boner. You could do some transformers role play haha

She couldn't handle that troner boner. Haha.

Can only imagine... "babe i"m going to shove my prime up your ironhide and make you starscream". Dear god help us all >.

Oh man Megatron is so cute how could she not have a crush? Lol

Please read it again..

8- My toaster's kinda cute, being all shiny sleek black. Wondering if I should have sex with that.....? ;P

You could, but I'm not sure the burns would be worth it. At least you'll know when it's finish!

I wouldn't recommend that.

Okay, I made one fuckin mistake! I guess I was the who had to read it again. I admit I was wrong.

Doesn't matter had sex

Well, go Megatron on her ass and tell her to DO as you command!

Yeah baby!! Heh!

The correct response was You have a crush on him? Me too! But you can't have him. He's mine! At least then you would be rid of her.

4 more thumbs down and we can be rid of your comment...