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Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex. Everything was going great until I noticed a small blinking light on my shelf. It turns out that it was a camera. My mom put it there to make sure I cleaned my room. She saw the whole thing. FML
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Why couldn't she just walk into your room later to make sure you cleaned it, like a normal mom would do?

Wave to the camera and say hi


Wave to the camera and say hi

Haha I can imagine that. Just like mid-thrust, he stops and yells "Hi Mom!"

Why didn't you take the camera and erase the tape? or memorycard or what ever it recorded on?

it's probably live broadcasting LOL

dont think u can do that with a camera unless its a camera phone.

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YDI for having premarital sex.

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f YOUR life for agreing to not have premarital sex

F your life for judging someone who doesn't agree to premarital sex, but F his life for trying to push it on others. You're both morons.

lol that's funny...that would be even funner if he did do that XD

#1: Hahahaha XD OP: I'm really sorry, but your mom sounds obsessive and creepy. Why would she be so untrusting as to install a camera to make sure you cleaned your room? FYL, and F the girl's L you were screwing.

what mother films their child cleaning their room? couldn't they visually tell if it was done or not? brake the camera and tell her you have no idea what she's talking about.

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Yeah, this doesn't seem very likely at all... I mean, okay, MAYBE the mom would have said, "See this camera? You stay here and clean your room right now, and I'll be watching!!" but that threat is COMPLETELY meaningless if the OP doesn't KNOW the camera is there. So as far as I can tell these are the possibilities: 1) She left a normal camera there to record, and the OP could easily destroy the evidence. 2) She set up a webcam to record to a computer somewhere else, but wasn't present and so could only find out if he cleaned or not when she got back and could just as easily have looked at his room. Also, evidence is still easily destroyed, since I'm pretty sure most computers need to be logged in to record... 3) She had the camera on live broadcast and was present in the house somewhere, at which point a) she could have just checked his room in ten minutes to see if he was doing it and b) she should have figured out he wasn't cleaning shortly after his gf showed up, and certainly when it got past a pg rating she would have stepped in.... 4) She had it on live broadcast and was away somewhere else, in which case either a) she was at work or something and coming home shortly and could just as easily have checked when she got home and not gone to so much trouble or b) she was away on business/vacation in which case she would be busy with other stuff and hardly be watching the cam 24/7 to make sure it was done sometime before she got home, let alone going to that much trouble to begin with... Also, in all of those circumstances, she would have to also WANT to watch everything else that goes on in her son's room and at the very least expect him to be changing at some point... It’s just NOT something that would be done for something like cleaning a room... It kinda seems like the OP started out with "Omg, this'll get through moderation, my mom hid a camera in my room and caught me having sex... yeah! That works... but wait... why? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Hey, this pizza's pretty old... wow my room is messy, I should really clean it up... Ah! Brainwave! Send!"... There seems to be a lot less blatantly fake fmls getting through, but it seems like either this one is, or its a matter for mental therapists, happy pills and child services....

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I lol'd hard, #14.

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Ha like a baby cam! baby cam! Your mom was just checking up on her baby...did you keep screwing to put a live show on?

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way to write a fucking book on here. damn.

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@ #116: maybe she set up the camera like a week ago, and watched while he cleaned his room, and didn't take the camera out of his room. @ OP: if it was a live camera, theres a big chance she didn't see it. she doesn't spend all day sitting at her computer watching you. if it wasn't a live camera, GO DESTROY THE EVIDENCE! and if u really are mature enough to be having sex, move out of ur mum's house.

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O_O #1 YOU MADE ME LAUGH MAH FRIGGEN ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OP: YDI for having sex instead of cleaning your room -_-"

lol shut the hell up

look mom. no hands!

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Yeah, I agree. Procreation really needs to come to a halt. o.O

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Well it's not really something to look for when you're in the mood for sex. And how old do you have to be that your mom has to tell you to clean your room. The OP must be like 10 years old. And fucking a chick... get it get it lil' man. ;D

LMAO that made me laugh so hard. :D

Stop fucking!?!?! You sir must be insane

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but that's up people recreate

hahaha owned by mom...ugh that's kinda creeper status though, even if it is ur mom... I'd bet that was a pleasant scene afterwards..."So, about that sex tape of my son and his girlfriend..." lmao

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wouldn't you be like wtf's blinknig & go to check it out later?

Well he did say she saw 'the whole thing', which kind of suggests that's what he did...

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Oh come on, why would he be vigilant about such a thing? Who the hell expects their mother to hide a video camera in their bedroom?

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That'll teach her to spy on you.

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Invasion of privacy! I would kill my mom if she did that to me!

Why couldn't she just walk into your room later to make sure you cleaned it, like a normal mom would do?

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That's what I was wondering too. WTF?

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i doubt it was to check if he "cleaned his room" it probably was a sex cam. and now she knows. good work, vigilante.

Because #7, that clearly makes too much sense. Your mom is fucked up OP, i'm sorry

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loads of people just shove everything under their beds or in their closet if their parents say to clean their room. it couldve been to make sure that didnt happen. but really this is just creepy. theres no need for a camera. your moms really sketchy...

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I posted this FML. The reason she put the camera there is because she was out of town and couldn't check in on me normally. I'm actually 19. It's just that she is a control freak.

wave and scream HI MOM! like some of thoose creepy people do on tv! FYL! HAHAHA thats soo creepy!

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lol wow dude i mean she cant tell you anything who does that...thats an invasion of your privacy period...what is she going to say...why were you having sex in your room? lol response why were you taping me on a camcorder? lol

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Isn't there a thing called turning the doorknob and checking herself. That would be bad too, but still. This is stupid. I hardly believe.

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This may be hard to believe too but I am the one who posted this FML. She only put the camera there because we were spending some time at her house and she was out of town. She is also a control freak.