By 2ndplacechamp - 01/06/2011 05:43 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend and I were driving to a costume party. On the way, we got into an argument and she kicked me out of her car. I had to walk around the city center in an Iron Man outfit trying to find the party venue. FML
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Don't mess with the ladies... especially if they are ur ride.

hey look at it this way, at least you weren't wearing a Tarzan outfit.....


Sounds like a shitty situation! Oh wait......

the only fml here is you getting kicked out of the car. Walking around in a costume is pretty cool and unique.

make me a sammich

you should have flow to her car and send it flying...IRON MAN

She kicked you out of her car either your a real dick or she's a total bitch either way someone needs to break up with someone !!!

you get some weird looks and some awesome looks but who cares it's pretty cool anyways.

Go up to random people trying to blow them up. And then run around town with your arms out like you're flying while making plane noises. Gotta do it big

Why was she driving a car in my fat butt?

That would be awesome. You should run around town and go into random stores... like Wal-Mart. Maybe then you could get into the meme of strange Wal-Mart people.

I Am Iron Man! Wait, no you are OP!

looks like someone's wearing the pants in the relationship..

Oh wait. . . . (what next)

34 I love how every time theres an FML that includes a boyfriend/girlfriend there's always got to be at least ONE person (usually a lot actually) who says OH EM GEE BREAK UP WID DEM LOL.

yeah 34 because anytime a couple argues they obviously need to break up....gtfo

It's an FML only because op was Ironman and not Batman!

atleast the venue didnt turn out to be a mourning :D

just another night on the town

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Iron Man is basically Batman with more science to simulate Superman's powers.

Don't mess with the ladies... especially if they are ur ride.

it's always the guy's fault

Totally agree #50. It's always our "fault".

Even if he did do or say something really bad, she made it way worse by kicking him out of the car. It isn't always the guys fault. sometimes we women push our men over the edge and then blame him when he snaps.

finally some1 who thinks = Yur a keeper :D

69, thank you for being one of the few women who are actually rational and reasonable.

heck yea 69! I need to introduce you to my ex girlfriend bc she did what you just explained in your comment!

92, thank you for being one of the many men who are sexist and like to generalise.

did iron monger appear ?

did you get raped by a can opener?

I guess a compass wouldn't have helped

lol that sounds like something that would actually happen to Tony Stark :P

Tony Stark would never get get kicked out a car, Tony stark would kick the driver out, while driving from Mach 6 flying by.. duh

hey look at it this way, at least you weren't wearing a Tarzan outfit.....

...or Justin Beiber

You totally deserved it; for not having your own car and depending on your girlfriend to get you around. Just Sayin'~

Maybe she wanted to drive that time? Mabye they were alternating who was driving? Either way, your comment is an ignorant assumption.

Maybe the OP can't afford a car, you insensitive douche bag.

Maybe the OP can't afford a car, you insensitive douche bag.

Or maybe they just didn't want to take 2 cars when they can go together, and the girlfriend offered to drive.

Or designated driver. Every party should have one.(:

why give excuses? being the man doesnt automatically mean he has to drive. i had an ex girlfriend who thought that way, it was so freakin annoying. that said, why the hell did he get out of the car? being told to gtfo doesnt mean he has to comply. simply tell her to stop acting like a child, whats she gonna do? worst case scenario you spend the night in the car arguing instead of wandering the streets in the middle of the night dressed like iron man...i guess it depends which option you prefer.

Where does it say he doesn't have his own car? He probably didn't know where the party was (he said he was wandering around trying to find the place) so she drove because she knew the location.

Op never said he didn't have a car..just that his girlfriend took him. That doesn't mean he deserves this. fyl.

omg that would have been awesome to see...was it like homemade? like cereal box mask or did you get it from a costume shop? lol

ok, I get it when people say "like" in the middle of the sentence, but why the fuck do you type it

Ppl like to type how they would say it! like omg!!!

Because most people here aren't hormone-stricken 14 year olds that try hard at correcting grammar and get pissy over nothing.

Just keep you're helmet or mask or whatever on.

Sounds like fun, bet she found it hard to stay mad when you got there!