By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my girlfriend and I were both at home, sick. We decided to make the best of it and spent the day in bed together. Things got a little steamy, and we started making out. As I started kissing her neck, I got nauseous. Before I could pull away, I threw up all over her. FML
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  bizarre_ftw  |  21

17 - I think you were going for:
When I'm sick I like to have a hot cup of tea and hit the sack, when op is sick they like to have a hot chick and hit her in the sack
(one way or another it's still not a great joke though)


I think the main reason your comment was misunderstood was the "he" before suave...or maybe I'm misreading, who knows. And I don't think proper English is frowned upon, it's just hard to come by on the Internet. Anyway if anything is frowned upon its grammar nazis..not proper English :p.

  Arivien  |  3

You see, this WOULD be an acceptable typo, except that c and g aren't even on the same row.
Even then, you don't look at your comment before sending it?