By bummerdood - 26/08/2012 04:15 - United States - Wichita

Today, my girlfriend and I went to the drive-in theater, planning to have some fun during the movie. We were pretty excited that no cars were parked near us. As soon as the movie started, a bus full of little kids pulled up next to us. FML
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perdix 29

Use a blanket. No one wants to see that shit anyways.

Marcella1016 31

Park somewhere else?


Marcella1016 31

Park somewhere else?

maybe the sound of the kids was a turnoff?

mzrobinson 13

Hence, why you park somewhere where they won't hear them. Duh.

how does a bus go to the drive-in? they'd all have to get out to be able to see? unless they brought chairs or something but that's a bit weird...hmmm

Maybe the bus parked sideways and said "fuck you" to all the kids sitting on the far side?

haha maybe I thought about that but its still a pretty dumb thing to do lol

I've been to a drive in theater. I'm still wondering how the kids can see and hear the movie from a bus in the first place. Usually you have to tune the radio to a certain station, and (school) buses don't have radios. Also, the bus would have to be really tall to see the screen. The only way I could see this working is the bus parking side ways and the kids all sit to one side. So the OP got cock blocked by kids who can't enjoy the movie anyway.

uh, I'm pretty sure most buses nowadays have radios. otherwise, how else do I end up involuntarily listening to Justin Bieber every morning?

ulis_fml 6

Only in Kansas can you still find a drive in movie...

seriouslythat 6

112 not really there's a number everywhere else as well I'm im Arizona and we have a few

perdix 29

Use a blanket. No one wants to see that shit anyways.

Not only the sight, but noise from the kids would have been anti-romantic at the least

A blanket is a must in the back of all cars.

Marcella1016 31

30 - And anti-climactic. Literally.

Are you sure NO ONE wants to see it?

Sure, no one wants to see a bus full of kids but who has a blanket big enough to block them all?

nutcrackers 2

What movie was it? Pixar?

Every drive-in that I've been to has shown two movies- the first is usually a kids' movie, then the more mature/PG-13+ rated one so that parents can take their kids and they usually end up falling asleep before the second movie starts!

Sexual education time, kids!

They gotta learn some time

Don't forget the condom!!!

Still better than teaching abstinence.

42) ...why? "Don't have sex or you WILL get pregnant, and die."

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#42, and why is teaching abstinence bad? I think abstinence is a lot better than teenage pregnancy or STDs, but maybe that's just me.

JOcoco 14

54 - because even after being taught abstinence there will always be those teenagers that fuck anyway which is why it'd probably be a good idea to teach them how to put a condom on and take a pill. Abstinence isn't foolproof.

65 is right. Abstinence takes self control. Birth control of any type only takes common sense. Neither are foolproof, but we have more kids now with common sense than self control. Not that there's much of either now-a-days anyways...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

65- I'm not saying we shouldn't be taught to use condoms and birth control (I say we because I'm a teenager too). I'm just saying that teenagers should be taught the consequences of sex, which can happen even when using methods of protection. Abstinence is the only 100% safe method and I just think teens need to know that. There always will be those who fuck, but If they learn what bad things can happen because of it, maybe they wouldn't be so eager to.

There are billions of Christians who would disagree about abstinence being 100% safe.

ellytoad 13

Saying abstinence is a form of birth control is like calling empty ornamental eggshells a great way to avoid high cholesterol. Safe sex, moderate yolk consumption, neither one defeating the point.

This is when tinted windows would really come in handy.

Maybe soundproof doors as well.

angel_ann15 0

and rock proof cars?

Abracadavre_fml 9

Children block.

Yep, nothing kills the mood like a bus full of consequences, I mean kids, pulling up next to you.

I could tell you were 14 before I clicked on your profile.

26- Considering you have a one year old son and 14, I'd say you didn't pay attention in sex ed yourself. On another note: Why the Hell are 13 year olds having sex?

^ Because my generation is messed up. I apologise for what the majority of kids have done to humanity.

easyprey 8

With how messed up the world is these days the bus load of kids could of been shouting out useful advice on how to do it properly. I saw elementary school kids making out, with tongue, on my bus when I was in school.

Sexy_Kisses14 8

Because I feels good ;)

70 - even I gave up on our generation... And I've been trying to pull our name out of the dogshit since I joined this site...

88: your attempts at rescuing our generation are being ruined by horrible grammar and YOLO. We cannot win. Any attempts are futile.

gmc_blossom 21

Maybe masturbation should be taught in school so those horny little 13 year olds can pleasure themselves without sex. I can't believe I just said, "horny" and "13 year olds" in the same sentence. I played with Bratz and Barbies when I was 13. Not dicks.

^ I'm 13. My childhood is currently being filled with Disney, video games, sports, cartoons, memes, and lots of epic(and some geeky) things. Seriously, to all kids my age, how about spending your childhood right? Once you get older, you're going to regret losing your virginity so young.

bieberfied 4

panda, do us all a favor and get off fml and please go back to middle school.

gmc_blossom 21

108- I'm glad at least one 13 year old has it right. Good job. :)

Cars aren't that hard to repark.

Unless they are those type of cars that don't go in reverse.

84: too bad nearly nobody has that kind.

Keep it in the bedroom, please!

xSunnyOlivia 17

What foundation do you use? Your face is flawless!

I think you've already got it down. ^

Sex works quite well in places other than the bedroom!

8-where's your sense of adventure. Sex everywhere is fun. But you look real young so scratch that comment. 16- foundation isn't going to help. A sandblaster might.

28 - your so bad Muriel...

aruam365 24

22- Sex shouldn't be where people can easily spot you, it's gross and illegal. It doesn't have to stay in the bedroom but I sure as hell don't want to see it nor does most people, so people should refrain from that in public.

stewpididiot 11

#34... S T F U !!!!!

34. You are going to make some man very happy. And that man is going to be your divorce lawyer when he hands you your bill!

If nobody wants to see sex, then why is the porn industry so popular?

34- Sex in public where you can easily be spotted is part of the adventure. It's supposed to be a thrill knowing you might be caught. It's also kind of sexy to think you might have an audience.

16- I don't really use foundation, just very very light bebe cream. Thanks for your kind words. 28- How old do I look? You'll probably never guess it right!

But there is nothing like an early morning shag on the beach.

Agreed sex is better in cars. That's why you keep supplies in the glove box and a blanket for keeping warm of course ;) in the boot oh yeah and you drive a boxy station wagon with Plenty of room don't get it on at a movie? Wait until your parents are out, find a party, an abandoned lot, etc... Seriously, if you have to do that shit at a movie, drive in or not, odds are you're not ready for whatever you had planned.

Did you read your comment or the FML at all? It's a drive in movie, not a theatre movie.

I'm actually pretty sure I was conceived at a drive-in movie. I wonder if in some twisted way that's why I have always enjoyed the drive-in?

18 - Did you read your comment or his comment at all? He said 'drive in or not'.

KiddNYC1O 20

Let's be serious, at drive-ins you're either paying to make out or have sex.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

If anyone asks about the foggy windows, just say you're cooking soup.

Marcella1016 31

Stranger: Why are the windows foggy? OP: Um...we're cooking. Stranger: What are you making? OP (in Barry White's voice): We're making babies.