By Anonymous - 30/07/2010 06:38 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I went on vacation. We flew 2000 miles, got off the plane, got our bags and stood outside the airport for our ride. She looks at me and says, "I can't do this anymore." So, she broke up with me and flew back home. Now I'm on vacation alone. FML
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at least you're on vacation. your ex had to fly back 2000 miles by herself.

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what a waste of time


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what a waste of time

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more like waste of money

bARbi3_d0Ll 0

especially a waste of money

more like a waste of unrofled waffles.

i def agree that is a total wast of time and ur money

it's funny because she just wasted a lot of time and money

what a bitch. At least you can still enjoy your vacation without her... 

aww FYL. i guess you could always go on your own and meet new women? x

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No one say anything about number 16 and his trolling. Crap I just did

That's why you get vacation insurance, but that sukes dude, she sounds like a spoiled bitch

What #19 & #20 said. Sucky time for it to be done (totaly bitch-move), but you've got a hotel room(?) with a double bed, I'm guessing, right? Vacation's a good place to get over her ;)

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ouuch :( hope she paid for her own ticket >< ... no? :( fyl op

I def agree with 40!!

OP and his  decided to  somewhere for vacation.  got off the, got their ,  all through the airport, and as  were standing outside,  broke   and told  it was over. Now  is standing outside, on vacation by  self. In the end,  is , and  is .

Sounds to me like your vacation just got better! Might as well use those condoms you packed;)(Assuming you packed some)

Also I woulda told security she had something suspicious looking in her bag and got her searched n everything. And if she got arrested even better

It's imaginary voice! lol I missed the story time!

Hahaha thanks Adan and Guy

what the hell r u complaining on fml for?! go party!!

Dude go hook up with some hot sluts on vacation.

this FML will turn into a YDI unless u get laid on YOUR vacation

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*looked not looks OP. but hey now that your single and on vacation, have some fun with the local ladies!! ;)

If you're going to correct people's grammar, get it right yourself. "you're single", not "your single" I think OP is trying to say it in a more present tense, hence "looks at me and says" as opposed to "looked at me and said" Either that or OP is unable to differentiate between tenses. And OP, FYL. The only way that would be any worse is if you're the one who paid for the tickets. Just try and enjoy what remains of your holiday, and try using the time away to get over her.

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now you can have crazy unprotected sex to get over her with random bar scanks ;D

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16 - shut up

ydi for being a slut--I mean, being stupid--no, wait, having a penis. actually, any one of the above implies the other two. no wonder she broke up with you, whore.

YDI for expecting her to do it for so long.

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maybe you'll meet another girl on vacation. just keep looking and don't end up with a biatch this time ;)

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lol legonut cracks me up everytime I read his/her comments LOL :) thanks for the laugh! ^_^

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it's funny how you try to cover up your lack of an ass by standing like an idiot. it just makes you look like a slut.

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You don't need her! Hit a bar and have a one nighter!

is funny cause you are here complaning instead of getting laid on your vacation

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she has someone else!!! wow she couldn't bare without the other guy!

why is everyone saying YDI....

why is everyone saying YDI....

well you don't need her. cheer up :) plenty of fishes in the sea.

the plural of fish is fish. you're welcome

sourgirl101 28

I say "fish" but "fishes" is also correct.

Fish is plural for more than one of the same species of fish. Fishes is plural for more than one species of fish. You're welcome.

at least you're on vacation. your ex had to fly back 2000 miles by herself.

Won't the OP also have to fly back on his own? (It's rare that holiday romances go home)

but at least he's somewhere nice for a chance to enjoy himself.

True, and to not be lonely for the same period of time in which she will be. Unless she's one of those people who actually talks to the people around them on trains and planes...

He won't necessarily have to fly back by himself; he COULD get off his interweb cybermachine and go meet some locals, get laid (FORNICATE!!!), and bring a special one back with him to rub in his ex's face. ANYWAY, OP: YDI for having bags.

You really like the word fornicate don't you, Trollz? :P

is it THAT obvious? :( I'll try to be a bit more subtle (and I pronounced the B in that word just to bug everyone).

It's only obvious because every time an FML involving sex comes up you say 'ydi for fornicating'... and then coupled with the comment you made a few moments ago where you insisted on putting it in even though you'd said 'get laid' first...

Sometimes I tell people TDI for NOT fornicating... Almost no matter WHAT, OP DI.

That is why you're called Trollz :P

Trollz4daLULZ, TDI fail. you must redeem yourself by telling all the OPs on the intimacy section YDI FOR FORNICATING!

waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you. except for the ones who weren't; TDI for not fornicating.

Lmfao. Trollz, I love your picture. Just thought I'd let you know :)

I'm assuming OP will be pretty upset about it and therefore won't have such a great time, despite being abroad. I know I wouldn't!

It's ok op now you can hook up with new people from wherever it is that you are at. Damn anti flood.

yes! go find new women to talk to and enjoy!

If a girl's stupid enough to decide at that point to end the relationship, she really isn't worth it, OP. So just have a good time without her.

your single, on vacation, alone... time for the REBOUND!!

16- Thanks For Pointing Out The Fucking Obvious Things That 4 People Already Said. SMH.

actually, sir, you lose. i shake my head at you in disdain.

Damn that sucks OP. At least now you can do whatever you want on vacation.

If you paid for it then sorry to hear that. If you both paid your own way then enjoy it!