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That's understandable since websites like that are 100% realistic.

Don't worry, it's only a website.


Don't worry, it's only a website.

Not to mention that isn't really how genetics works lol

Technology. The destroyer of relationships.

Tell her that technology could never reflect the true beauty that she possesses and her kids are going to inherit it.

For some reason I don't think that's the real issue here.

You know what some people say, two beautiful people make an ugly baby but I'm sure the child on the screen was still very adorable

#35 who the fuck said that?

That's understandable since websites like that are 100% realistic.

I agree, my Caucasian boyfriend merged his face with a cartoon apple and created the most beautiful African American child I've ever seen. Just like you would expect.

If your actual kids aren't cute enough for her liking, what happens?

She takes half his money and sticks him with child support payments for 18 years.

If they aren't cute enough for her liking I doubt she's taking the kid.

Then don't have kids

Yeah, cause those websites are *so* realistic...

That website is probably not a good representation of what your children might look like.

Yeah, its probably just one of those face morph websites but with a baby's body

qdawg06 23

I've always wondered if people like their kids more if they're cute... Sorry OP.

studies have shown that parents tend to pay more attention to their more attractive children.

Well… damn. I'm an only child so my dad's forced to only pay attention to me.

26 I'd like to see those studies

I wouldn't doubt it's true #47, it's just in our nature to be more drawn to attractive people as an instinct to keep the gene pool strong. Obviously your not going to be attracted to your child but the same rule applies as a way we identify people.

Aww. I wonder how Khloe and Kylie deal with that.

just tell us how stupid she really is.

lol that website not 100% can predict children's face that you both would hv