By Glassjaw - United States
  Today, my girlfriend and I had gotten tipsy and found ourselves in the bedroom. We started to fool around and she leaned over to put her watch on the nightstand. I tried to undo her bra, which surprised her, because she elbowed me in the nose so hard that I ended up passing out from the pain. FML
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  Finnboghi  |  0

Everyone has a different pain tolerance.

I've had testicular torsion (look it up at your own peril), which is generally regarded as more painful than childbirth, and got a little light-headed.

OP, unfortunately, has a lower tolerance.

Regardless, drunk sex is never a good idea.

Especially if you get in a fight with her later, because then she can get you convicted of rape.

Great system, eh?

  HFcinfinity  |  0

#28 i looked it up and it would hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad my balls hurt from thinking about it :( anyway he got booby blocked by alchohal + an elbow

  plexico  |  3

Because men are afraid that the women may be timing the sex!

Given the manliness of the OP, her watch probably had a stopwatch that could measure to the hundredth for a second. This is one event where you don't want to be Usain Bolt (and especially not Tyson Gay;) )