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Booby trapped?

And then she had her way with you?


Booby trapped?

HAHAHA GENIUS. "booby trapped" hahahhahaha

LOL. Made me laugh. :P Booby Trapped. Lol.

XD hahahah I agree.Genious xD

Hahahahaha well done

woowwwww that sucks big time!... or it doesn't suck, considering you passed out?

And then she had her way with you?

She probably did a bunch of online shopping with your credit card until you came to!

You mean until you came too!

5 and 2 hahaha and she probobaly did you wile you were passed out


This comment literally lowered my IQ.

why was she taking her watch off??

lol ur woos passin out from gettin elbowed,ive had wayyy worse than that and im 13 and i havent passed out xD FYL

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. I've had testicular torsion (look it up at your own peril), which is generally regarded as more painful than childbirth, and got a little light-headed. OP, unfortunately, has a lower tolerance. Regardless, drunk sex is never a good idea. Especially if you get in a fight with her later, because then she can get you convicted of rape. Great system, eh?

I'm sure that people who get pregnant get testicular torsion all the time and can compare the two

#28 i looked it up and it would hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad my balls hurt from thinking about it :( anyway he got booby blocked by alchohal + an elbow

lol she probably had her way with u wen u passes out

I don't think you know what "because" means.

you were messing around and she did not know it involved removing her bra? fyl

why would she need to take her watch off? lol

Because men are afraid that the women may be timing the sex! Given the manliness of the OP, her watch probably had a stopwatch that could measure to the hundredth for a second. This is one event where you don't want to be Usain Bolt (and especially not Tyson Gay;) )