By Anonymous - 02/05/2013 15:04 - United States - Houston

Today, my future father-in-law showed everyone a picture of his poop because it was "shaped like a banana." My fiancé's whole family thought it was funny and "looked more like a banana than last time." FML
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iOceanus 18

Poop a watermelon. Your poop will definitely win!

I pooped a Nickelback album still sounded the same


iOceanus 18

Poop a watermelon. Your poop will definitely win!

What a great family. I pooped a whole f*cking chess set the other day but did I get any appreciation from mine? No.

lincolnkite 6

I pooped and took a 3D picture with my 3DS. I think that wins.

I pooped a Nickelback album still sounded the same

And we have a winner! The award goes to Ambient25!

***incoming onslaught of shitty situation puns*** BRACE YOURSELVES!

olpally 32

You already said the phrase anyways... BE PREPARED FOR THE DOWN-VOTES! As for this fml, this is just disgusting. Who does that? What a bunch of freaks. *shudders* blah.

#30- you'd be surprised how many people take those pictures and not only show them around, but also text them... I am in agreement with you though! I'd rather not see it...

41-If someone tests me their poop, I'm throwing poop on them. Followed by soaking my hands in bleach. (And maybe my eyes and brain.)

I have a friend who likes to text me pictures of her vomit! But thank god no poop yet! Maybe this will happen when we take our friendship to the next level loool

"Welcome to the family!" That's okay, OP. My boyfriend's dad likes to tell the same joke every time I'm visiting: "I told my friend at work that I pooped and left it in there for him to see. It's in stalls 2, 3 and 4!"

I don't understand this joke..

He pooped so much that he had to poop in three different toilets.

That's so terrible that it's hilarious.

Sophistication at its finest.

The irony is that his actual "banana" (ahem) looks like a piece of shit.

mantiquillas 2

Haha no

Do you realize that chances are your future husband will do similar things?

I think the gene for banana shaped poop is recessive.

Come on people, don't call it a shitty situation, call it a situation with the essence of fecal matter. Have some class...

Nobody has actually called it that.. yet. c:

Eh well someone was bound to say it sometime. Why wait to address something when you can get it out of the way first? C:

Hence the 'yet' (; I was just pointing it out. xD

I was about to :p thx for ruining my banana shaped comment

What is it with people and being proud of their poop!?

Has he been practicing? Sounds like great improvement.

#11: What's with everybody being ashamed of their bodily functions? Everybody poops! Get used to it.

#40- Yeah, everybody does... But I don't care to have it passed around like a family photo. "Oh, and here's the one of my banana poop!" "Proudest day of mah life!"...

Everyone's family has at least one weird quality.