By Anonymous - United States - Houston
Today, my future father-in-law showed everyone a picture of his poop because it was "shaped like a banana." My fiancé's whole family thought it was funny and "looked more like a banana than last time." FML
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  olpally  |  32

You already said the phrase anyways... BE PREPARED FOR THE DOWN-VOTES! As for this fml,
this is just disgusting. Who does that? What a bunch of freaks. *shudders* blah.

  pmadNess  |  14

#30- you'd be surprised how many people take those pictures and not only show them around, but also text them... I am in agreement with you though! I'd rather not see it...

  Pussycat86  |  18

I have a friend who likes to text me pictures of her vomit! But thank god no poop yet! Maybe this will happen when we take our friendship to the next level loool

By  etishuman22  |  32

"Welcome to the family!"

That's okay, OP. My boyfriend's dad likes to tell the same joke every time I'm visiting: "I told my friend at work that I pooped and left it in there for him to see. It's in stalls 2, 3 and 4!"

  pmadNess  |  14

#40- Yeah, everybody does... But I don't care to have it passed around like a family photo.
"Oh, and here's the one of my banana poop!" "Proudest day of mah life!"...