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  KRS_13  |  0

#46 OP should hurry and find a cat to give back before Op is soon wakes up in a ditch in another state! Or clarify to the people who did that, that Op doesnt have their cat.

  DrMime  |  10

Well obviously you've angered a confused cat lady! Maybe you should make amends by satisfying her pussy so that she'll let you keep her other one.

  docscientist  |  9

104 - how does it make more sense? I doubt you had a nagging sense of thinking that 'check' just doesn't seem to be spelled correctly before you saw other people spell it as 'cheque'.

  HiddenMonkey  |  8

How does the person get a thumbs down for using the term pussy correctly? Is the FML society that dumb, that when we say words in proper terms it's wrong? Flame me if you want but it's apparently true.

By  Taysia_Elice  |  6

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