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@#5, There's no way you could know if it's a girl who wrote it. Also since you don't know their age, this could be some 14 year old kid who wanted to be cool by buying condoms.

  Brooklynxman  |  0

You would love the male virgin, but would they love being one?

A lot of people say these fml's are no big deal, but for the people posting them, especially when you are in HS or college and all of your friends have had sex and talk about it, or even a few, it can be hard.

Long story short: Just because its not an fml for you doesn't mean its not an fml for them.

  expen_dable  |  0

Its because the majority of commenters here are 15 year old high schoolers who are all about "teh straight edge!! weed n sex is teh evil!!!!" Of course that changes for most people in college. The girl who got a "promise ring" in high school is now in college getting her legs bent backwards by some frat guy. Damn high schoolers and their Myspaces and Disney sitcoms and Panic at the Disco.

  valeria_07  |  0

#24 Not being a virgin doesn't mean you're a slut. It could mean you're truly in love with a devoted partner and want to express it through your body. I'm still a virgin, I'm only 15, but I see nothing wrong with my boyfriend and I making love somewhere along the line...

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Why is it suddenly an FML to not do something everyone else is doing? That's... pretty failful logic there.
"Statistics show that 60% of teens kill themselves! I should too, I don't want to be uncool or anything!"

It's no FML at all to not be driven by peer pressure.
I went through high school (and now college) with nonvirgin friends and I was just fine. I wasn't ashamed. I didn't have anyone I wanted to give it up to, so why should I be? I have someone in mind now, but it's going to be a while before that, if it even is going to happen at all. Still not ashamed. Why is it sooooo hard?

As for the OP: Oh well, such is life?

  tb15  |  0

that can't be true, that would mean that less than half of teens live to be adults
and suicide is only the second most common cause of death in teens so that would mean over 120% of teens die before they become adults

  thesmartaleck  |  0

@48: It's a psychological thing. People fear being alone, so they jump in the bandwagon. Not doing so, they'd feel left out. It takes a whole lot of guts standing up for what you believe in. Fortunately, I do.

@OP: Hope you don't die a virgin.

  Xader  |  0


#48's math is correct, regardless of data validity.

If 60% kill themselves, and it is the second leasing cause of teen death, then >60% die from the #1 cause, which for the sake of argument I'll say is auto accidents.

(60% suicide) + (>60% auto accidents) = (>120% fatality rate) = IMPOSSIBLE

The only way this is possible is if the ~20% overlap are suicide by auto accident, in which case, 100% fatality rate = EXTINCTION.

That said, a study (sorry, no cite) showed the top 3 teen fatality rates in the US to be
1. Auto accidents (~40%)
2. Homicide (~14%)
3. Suicide (~11%)

Pointless post over.

  lmtlmt  |  7

Yeah theres this girl who really wanted to do me tonight no joke, she was really drunk tho and a slut so i didnt do it lol. But if I really wanted it i could of got it so yeah the moral of the story is sluts are good when u need a root.

By  plexico  |  3

As it became clear you weren't going to use them for their maximum fun purpose, you should have made water balloons out of them.

When you are a total celibate loser, water balloons are the most fun you are going to have.