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Today, my friends staged an intervention. I'm not on drugs, I'm not an alcoholic, and I own my own house. My car is paid for and my job pays well. Apparently, I need an intervention because my life is not where they want it to be, which involves me being married with children. FML
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  CitrusGirl  |  0

Studies have shown that married people tend to live longer, but other studies show that couples- married or unmarried- that have a very passionate love will live shorter lives, because such love causes the same chemical releases as intense stress.
The case is different for everyone, though. These are just patterns that have been observed. That doesn't make it impossible for there to be other things. 81, what you say about your grandparents is sad, but it doesn't mean that the studies are wrong.

  Jazze_fml  |  10

maybe they should want OP to be happy acording to OP's own values and not their own.
if my friends ever dared to tell me i needed a wife let alone god damned kids they would not be alowed near me untill they provided me with an apology for being such idiots.

  Skankles  |  0

I'm sure nothing's wrong with 83. If you'd use a little brainpower instead of just attacking him, you'd realize that he accidentally commented on the wrong FML.

  sourgirl101  |  28

At first I thought #8 was encouraging the OP to start a family because it's a beautiful thing. (:

OP, if you're fine with being single then more power to you. Most single men I know bitch about not being able to find someone, if that's not your case then tell your friends to butt out.

  Ryan747  |  0

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