By Anonymous - 27/01/2016 13:30 - United States - Boston

Today, my friends and I were goofing off playing tag behind the local church, when I heard a banshee-like wail behind me. Assuming it was one of my friends, I wailed right back and ran. Turned out there was actually a funeral going on, and the wail was from one of the bereaved. FML
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Now the mourner will forever hold the thought that their deceased loved one wailed right back at them in their time of need. Good on ya OP!

wail you certainly done goofed now didn't you?


wail you certainly done goofed now didn't you?

Now the mourner will forever hold the thought that their deceased loved one wailed right back at them in their time of need. Good on ya OP!

Why on earth would you be goofing around behind a church, kind of a strange place to meet up with your friends

Some places in towns are in open areas like a field or such, people hang out by my school just because there's free space around it to do whatever, so they probably met there to have fun and then started a game. It's not very unusual if you come from a small town or suburban background.

Graveyards are the only place to play hide and seek type games where I live. Everywhere else is either flooded, flat grasslands, or private woods with owners that have guns...or some combination of the three. Might be the the same in OP's case.

Different towns have different hangout spots, it happens.

welcome to small-town America. When you're underage in a small town, you get your kicks in the weirdest ways

Did you tag them?

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Being by the church should have been your first clue..

Not necessarily. You could go to church for many reasons and where I'm from, we have a church with a large cornfield behind it, so when they harvest it, kids like to go back there and play. Pretty normal to me.

In your defense that's pretty intense, funerals are supposed to be relatively peaceful in respect to the other attendees who want their final moments with the deceased to be tranquil and bring closure. Hopefully they didn't see you before you got away! Sounds like something that would happen to me and my friends :).

I'm not sure I'm convinced that funerals are 'supposed' to be peaceful, if someone needs to cry or wail as part of their grieving process they should be able to. We've done something weird to grief in the West, it's expected to be a silent and/or private thing but that's not necessarily possible or healthy.

In my culture, funerals are anything but peaceful. I was raised in a culture where we love our loved ones hard. That's not to say that others don't, but when we loose one of ours, we don't hold back. We let it ALL out!! There's no such thing as sniffling quietly when it is someone you are closed to. That's just the way we love our own kind, because tbe rest of the world hates us.

Should be more aware of you're surroundings OP. If you're playing by a church, chances are the people attending my be in a time of great need or after some peace.

I kinda hope you apologized but at the same time if I was in the situation I would have been so embarrassed I might have just went home


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Well, hopefully you didn't interrupt the service too badly, if at all. I may be naive in making that statement, though.