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Today, my friends and I were going to Applebee's. A girl we don't like invited herself along. She waited for my friend outside of the bathroom, forced her to drive her, and said, "It's okay someone will pay for me." She then ate off of everyone's plate and left before the bill came. FML
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And you guys put up with this behavior why exactly?

I started off thinking "poor girl, people don't want her there." Now I can understand why. Maybe you need to explain to her why it's not acceptable?


I started off thinking "poor girl, people don't want her there." Now I can understand why. Maybe you need to explain to her why it's not acceptable?

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I started off thinking the same thing. A few of my groups of friends have that "one person" who no one really likes/gets along with, but we still invite them places and let them hang out with us because they're not awful people and we'd feel bad abandoning them. But this sort of behavior is completely unacceptable. It's rude, inconsiderate, and one of those instances where I think it's perfectly okay to tell this girl "listen, no one in this group likes you" and to very bluntly explain why. Not everyone is deserving of unconditional kindness/ exceptions to you being truthful and this girl has passed that limit.

Yeah, this trip alone sounds like grounds to be openly hostile.

And you guys put up with this behavior why exactly?

Exactly. How do you get forced into driving someone? How do you let her sit down at the table if she isn't invited or wanted? How do you let her take food off of your plate without doing something about it after the second, if not the first, time? There's a lot of inconsistencies in this, either that or you and your friends are pushovers.

Force to drive her home. At least that way they're at their place out of your way.

So OP could have a story she could post on FML, of course...

She sounds awful. I think you should just be upfront with her and tell her that she's upsetting you and that you don't want to hang out with her if she's going to be disrespectful.

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Be straight with her, and tell her she'll have no more friends if she keeps doing that.

I don't think she had any friends to begin with

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She probably doesn't know that though

She probably doesn't *care*.

Self-entitlement at it's finest. I don't know what's worse, the fact that you didn't say something or the fact that she thinks her behaviour is acceptable

I decided on YDI because all you have to do is open your mouth and say "this event does not include you". Nobody can force you to drive them and pay for them. She didn't have a gun so obviously none of you was ballsy enough to tell her to go away.

I am actually inclined to agree on this one. OP allowed her to tag along, nobody forced you into this event.

You raise a very good point actually. I was thinking the same thing.

Some people are very hard to get rid of and don't take a hint or even a direct we don't want you here. This may be the case or op and their friend may just not wanted to say something

Still a YDI. Don't unlock the car door. She's already inside, threaten to call the cops. Go hardcore on the bitch. This was a form of theft, taking their food without consent or splitting the bill. OP and friends could have done plenty to stop this. Even if it was simply shouting at her in unison to GTFO.

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I do very much agree with this. While it may be hard to tell people "no", a lot of people need to learn that politeness should not usually come before comfort/happiness/basic self-respect (like letting this girl walk all over you) and a lot of people are undeserving of such kindness. Some people straight-up deserve being told to fuck off and that they aren't liked because of such awful personality traits.

Someone should have a talk with her OP, the truth hurts but it sounds like she needs to hear it.

And you said nothing because...?

I'm guessing op doesn't want to deal with this person's drama or op doesn't want to upset them. I have someone in my group of friends that no one likes but we don't say anything because we don't want to upset her cause all sorts or shit goes down so I'm guessing op is trying to avoid the trouble of them upset. However that person went a little too far and someone should have said something because that is plain rude.

You kinda deserved it for letting her eat your food off your plates.

Just go "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD" on her

Voted YDI because all of you should have said whats up with her, and not put up with her bullshit like that.