By Anonymous - United States
Today, my friends and I went to the beach and we were tanning when I suddenly saw 10 roses floating in the ocean. I went around to pick up all the roses and threw the petals at my friends. Then I notice a big boat of people in black and white were looking at me with disgust. It was a funeral. FML
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  imessup  |  0

Wow you people are idiots. Dont sit there and act like if you saw roses in the ocean, you'd think there was a funeral nearby. I mean it is pretty stupid to have the funeral at a public area, a less populated area would have been smarter. I agree with #55

  Finnboghi  |  0

I don't know how well you know your biology, but as it happens, roses do not grow in the ocean.

i.e. They had to be put there.

Maybe if you found a half-dozen petals, a girl was sitting on the beach doing 'he loves me/not', but 10 whole roses are clearly there for a reason.

Maybe, instead of just taking and destroying things which don't immediately belong to someone, you could be respectful to whomever placed the object there to begin with.

  evilbrent  |  0


that's the funniest thing ever! what the fuck where they thinking? having a funeral at a public beach? why didn't they walk 100m up the beach to where there was no-one swimming??

  lenasaur  |  0

actually this FML definitely isnt a "best one in a while" and for all you know, their deceased loved one chose a boat funeral, not them. so fuck you.

  gummibehrs  |  4

Anyway, I believe what I REALLY wrote was directed toward Vacant -

So on the day of the funeral, do the planners automatically magically appear at the funeral? I was under the impression people could choose whether they wanted to show up or not.

And I agree, Lenasaur.

  SAMHAlN  |  0

green day sucks first of all. second on all it's not tacky because some people like surfers want their ashes thrown in the ocean and people have to be off shore to do that.


-#119, I would havee agreed completely with your comment, but you had to include 'Green Day sucks'.
Just because you don't likee that typee of music doesn't mean you havee to speak negatively of a well known band that a lot of peoplee actually do likee.

By  evilquail  |  0

yeh i can't say i wld have done any different if i didnt see the boat!
its a public place.. with all respect to the funeral ppl... they gotta live with that stuff

  patrickhb  |  0

A cemetary is a public place but you wouldn't go there to steal flowers, would you.

How can you possibly blame the funeral-goers? If that's what the deceased wanted, then so be it.

  JukeboxBunny  |  0

...but you would expect the flowers to be for the deceased in a cemetery, because that's what they're for. You don't expect roses on a beach to be for some dead dude's funeral.

  z3vil  |  11

Not many people would automatically think that roses in the water are for a funeral. It never would've occurred to me if I'd been in that situation until I saw the boat, if I saw it at all. I'd just wonder why there were roses in the water. I doubt I'd start tearin off the petals, but water funerals aren't exacty common.