By dgilbs - 12/11/2012 22:08 - United States - Grosse Pointe

Today, my friends and I went out to dinner. Being short on cash, I suggested a game where we put our phones in the center of the table and first to check their phone had to pay the bill. Our conversation died out, and fearful of having an awkward silence, I checked my phone. FML
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How unfortunate! Hopefully it's a lesson learned. I mean, you knew you were short on cash. Why be risky?


It's not creative, it's a picture cycling around Facebook lately. YDI for trying to pull a fast one.

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It's not a bad idea, but it probably would have been more effective to turn the phone off

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That is probably where OP got the idea, it is creative!

To be creative would be to turn off the phone.

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I don't think the game was meant to be fun.

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I think 2 might be talking about the dinner..

I don't think 2 was talking about the dinner.

How unfortunate! Hopefully it's a lesson learned. I mean, you knew you were short on cash. Why be risky?

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Or why go out in the first place? Or if OP was short on cash why not just get an appetizer and water and be safe?

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#5 Stewie wouldn't make a mistake like that... What the deuce. Who the bloody hell are you?!?

20- Cut some slack will you? It's only just a baby..

Doesn't matter. If he can pronounce the extra H in "wheat", he can spell "paid" correctly.

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Is this some lame attempt at a phone related pun?

Aw come on guys I liked 101's comment! Look at #4's picture ;) idk maybe I have a different sense of humor.

I think we may have the next Albert Einstein here...

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Everyone looks at their phones in awkward situations! It's instinct.

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Cell phones haven't been around for very long. It's not instinct.

True, but some people are young enough to not remember a time without cell phones. I still think OP deserved it for going out to eat with no cash then expecting everyone to cover him/her, but I think compulsively checking your phone is something most people born from the '90's onward do.

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I understand that but we will never be born to check cell phones in times of awkward silence. It's a bad use of the word "instinct". Compulsively checking their phones, as you said, is more correct.

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I've had mine for 8 years now. that's enough time to get a costumed to it, especially with the younger generation, don't you think?

I don't know...I've had a mobile phone for over ten years now and it's really not hard to just turn it off for a while. If the silence is awkward, make conversation. Don't just grab your phone and make it even more awkward for the other people at the table. It kinda makes me sad that there are people who can't leave their damn phones alone for even an hour or so. It's annoying going out with friend/s for dinner or a movie, only to have them constantly checking their phones or texting other people. I can understand if you're expecting an important call or if you just want to check the time, but people who text others or play games while they're hanging out with you are just rude IMO. Especially if they interrupt a conversation or make you feel excluded while doing so.

No just people who are glued to their phone and are always on it. Instinct? Oh please the personal communication of people is doomed thanks to spoiled kids with phones, bad parenting, poor education and so many other things.

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Ok, sorry, I shouldn't have used the word instinct and I shouldn't have spoken from my own experience.

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39 - The game is where you're always playing the game, you cannot win; you can only lose, you lose whenever you remember the game, when you do lose the game, you must announce out loud "I lost". After you lose, you may have 30 minutes in which you can remember the game, as soon as you tell anyone about the game, they are playing too. The goal is to have everyone playing. Anyone reading this just lost. Don't even worry about it.

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I was on a several month streak of not losing the. Thanks a lot! Although I just reminded two of my friends about the game and they got mad, that was pretty funny. So thank you for giving me a laugh.

Actually, the guy who invented the game apparently died. In his will, anyone who was playing the game wins.

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129 - .__. Well that ruined the fun... Good job...

You could've just told them the situation and paid them back.

But...but... That would be the logical thing to do...

yea the logical thing but i was thinking i would probably just yell your problem snd run off (then again i can be a dick so yeah)

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Wow. You were just born in '96 and you're already 16? But that was last week, wasn't it?

Should've told the truth, instead he was a big phony.

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Exactly my thought. I mean - they are friends, they are supposed to understand that every now and than anyone can be low on cash. In my circle of friends every time different person pays when we are out, but that goes around and at some point we all have paid approximatelly equal amount, and for sure we can say to each other "i'm a bit low om cash, let's meet at your/his/her place and make popcorns or pizza and watch a movie/play a game" or one of us would say "it's my treat today"

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Should've turned your phone off when you came up with that game.

It actually is a latest thing to stop people being rude by going out for dinner so if your phone is more important than who your dining with then you get to foot the bill. I have a feeling the bill gets divide between all people who use their phone?

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If it were me, I would have made sure the conversation got awkward so somebody else would have to pay. Any offer of free food is worth fighting for!