By bear food - 08/01/2014 04:37 - United States - Anaheim

Today, my friends and I went camping in the woods. I fell asleep first. Waking up hours later to them bunched up together in the middle of the tent and me half-way outside, I confronted them about it. They admitted, "We heard a bear so we needed a sacrifice." FML
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Never fall asleep first. Ever.

they're right. they dont have to outrun the bear, they just have to outrun you


Never fall asleep first. Ever.

And never go camping with these "friends" again.

If a bear starts chasing you just hit or shoot one of your friends in the knee. Then you can escape by walking away.

I used to be a camper like you, then I got eaten by a bear

Then how are you still here? I had the same experience, but I cut its head off from the inside. Not a pleasant experience.

... You are really that dumb, I can't even insult you. You are that dumb.

Exactly! You dont need to outrun the bear you just need to outrun one of your "friends"

A good old fashion ass kicking is in order?

Tough break OP! I bet my friends would do the same.

Same with mine but knowing how they're all assholes and based on how heavy I sleep I would end up outside on the dirt before I knew it

you should of been like Fuck that where's the bear im gonna touch it lol just to see what happens.

I don't know #3, OP's done a lot of hard work posting this FML.. Maybe you should give a try first?

I would with a 10 ft long pole while having my running shoes on. :)

That's what I like to call natural selection

#10 bears run up to 20-30 miles an hour at a full sprint, so good luck

they're right. they dont have to outrun the bear, they just have to outrun you

At least they're honest!

falling asleep first while camping is a rookie mistake

What a great slumber party game to play. All you need is a tent, some friends, a person who tagged along and of course, a bear. Great!

At least they all did the smart thing and sacrificed the unknowing.

Lighten up OP it was just a little joke, i'm sure they wouldn't have left you out there.

Considering she woke up out there hours later, yes. I think they could have and did leave her out there.

I have to ask, was any recreational drugs or alcohol involved in this camping trip?

Not recreational. They were SERIOUSLY doing drugs.

Loool, very astute question

You are a one hell of a deep sleeper!