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Today, my friends and I noticed that people, no matter what stereotype, pretty much all have the same type of friends: the mean one, the funny one, etc... and started naming off the people in our group who fit into those personallities. We got to the token fat one, everyone looked at me and stopped talking. FML
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It's "it's". Not "its". Darling.

she spelled stereotype right anyway.


Look at the bright side, at least you're not the creepy loner who sits in the corner of Frank's diner after school every wednesday and thursday, waiting and waiting for that one girl in your math class, Shirley, to just talk to you, or for you to muster up the damn courage to talk to her, but you can't, because you're a fucking loser and you'll always be, just like dad says, and every moment you spend in the darkness you know is making you less and less human, until the point where the red blood that drips form your wrists every friday night is what you consider to be a party, while all the cool kids go to Mel's house and drink and fuck and enjoy their petty little lives while you pray to God that this last cut will drain every last essence of your soul away.

Holy crap,'s called prozac...look into it

i know that i love the funny fat girl in my group of friends! i mean she might not be the most attractive but she has an awesome sense of humor, trust me you could be worse off.

If you're fat, you're fat. So what? If you're complaining about it then you have no one to blame but yourself. Maybe you should get your tub of lard off the computer and onto a treadmill.

So.......who was the fat one?

@24 man, I am not sure if you have a really great dark sarcastic sense of humor or if you are just plain fucked up. either way, prozac is for pussies. I would personally suggest a couple of hits of e. grab a couple of good friends and talk through your shit (perhaps even Shirley). either way you are in for a good night, and the therapeutic values of mdma are not to be underestimated. And before you moderate this, or start jumping on me for being a lowly drug addict... do some research. search for psychological and therapeutic values of mdma Just understand that mdma is a drug, and like all drugs and should be used in moderation and with prior knowledge of the effects and dosage, otherwise it can and will be dangerous as all hell. dancing, love, compassion, and empathy beat the hell out of bleeding any day of the week.

I would say go for weed... it's probably the healthiest drug out there. Ecstasy truly will give you a feeling you will never get from anything else but it fucks with you, each time you use it it doesn't feel as good as the last time, people have killed themselves because they couldn't get that feeling of Pure Ecstasy again. Weed makes you chill and everything is better when you're on cloud nine :)

hell yeah. i definately agree.

karma eh? don't gossip about other people.

What are the other friend types I wonder...


if u dont want to be known as fat, stop eating and lose weight, its not other peoples fault

YDI You should hang out with fatter people.

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if ur fat then u should kinda know and realize that about urself. make the most of it in conversation and stuff like by learning to laugh at urself. ifthey call u fat laugh and jokingly say they're ugly or something like that. if u can't learn to laugh at urself and can't learn to just not care what others think then lose weight so you can be perfect in the way u think about urself

WTF? are you retarded? 'stop eating' that's a mental health issue called ANOREXIA maybe you've heard if it? wow just because someone is fat it doesn't mean you have to tell them. they already know ffs

oh stfu...he probably meant stop eating so much...that's another epidemic associated with a mental disease...its called where people use food as a form of comfort. she should go on a diet and lose a few pounds so she's not the fat friend.

How the fuck does being fat make her a whore or a bitch?

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It's "it's". Not "its". Darling.

Got me there. Fair do's.

she spelled stereotype right anyway.


No one said they don't like her. She's just fat.

ydi....lose some weight fatty, or don't label others and they won't label you!

Don't judge others, and they won't judge you. Calling OP, or anyone fat in fact, is rude and disrespectful. Sure people might be a bit bigger than others but who cares? If it's from eating amazing food to medical problems, you shouldn't call someone fat! I'm a shorter person, and I look a little bit bigger, I'm curvy, puberty will do that. If OP is or isn't comfortable of their weight, they will do something to do it. Otherwise it is none of your business.

u all epic fail.

Sure, you buy size 18 and still call yourself "big-boned." Yeah, sure, whatever.

Well wtf did you expect if you're fat? I plain simple don't understand these idiots who post fmls 'bout how they're fat 'n' stuff, yet do nothing about it. YDI.

Nice of you to assume that none of them do anything about it. Losing weight isn't instant, and depending on how much they have to lose, can take years to do healthily.

I agree with both of you. they are complaining and trying to get others to feel sorry for them. but they might be trying, weight loss isn't instant.

yeah I'm sick of all the fat fmls...either get over it or do something about it.

You sort of deserve it for talking about other people. But you can change the fat that you're the "fat" one at least. :)