By Alicia - 13/05/2010 22:49 - United States

Today, my friends and I had a long fun day at the river. That was until sundown. I now have mosquito bites in places you don't want to know. FML
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lmachain1 0

pictures or it didn't happen

WolfsGuns 0

all you idiots who say that it was the balls, look at the username, the op is a she, dumbasses


littlemissdqgirl 8

lol, sucks to be you!

luis420 0

I do wanna know were ??

WTF were you nude or something? fail on your part if you were.

Mosquitos are hella annoying. use off that stuff really does help...but it smells funny

That happened to me in Maine<3

-#1 no shit Sherlock.

nude with "buddies" is mee than JUST nude...

luis420 0

#2 closest I been to 1 fml lol

JoshK9030 0

are you part of a nudist colony? 

harden the fuk up. it's not so bad

Swollen BALLS. In Soviet Russia, genitals bite mosquito.

xXBrokenByLoveXx 3

uh I hate Maine sooo much!!!!! guess which state I live in?

Whatev OP suck it up. I live in AK and we have mosquitoes worse than any of the other states. So stop bitchin' :/ Haha :)

oh Alicia do tell girl

WolfsGuns 0

all you idiots who say that it was the balls, look at the username, the op is a she, dumbasses

wildbillpb 0

pics of the misqito bites in unspeakable spots or it didn't happen

one time I used that OFF bug spray or whatever on one of my arms and turns out that was the only place I got bitten. or maybe mauled is a more appropriate term /:

debiasio69696969 0

The only thing I can think of is blue waffle .. I'm sorry ... I'm so ashamed *hides ugly face*

DudeImWayBetter 0

Are you sure that we don't wanna know? Cause it seems pretty interesting to me.

Heartbreakher 0

That's why they made that clip-on mosquito thing so you don't have to use the spray stuff, I just saw the commercial for it.

No, I DO want to know.

vivalacobraxo 0

I have to agree I'm very instrested =p and Maine is pretty cool I live by there it's nice there by the water (:

JJ1989 6

dey vant to suck you blood. oh, dey alvready did. sucks to have sweet blood. same thing has happened to me.

Damn you OP, TELL ME!!!!! The real FML is the feeling you left me with by withholding Important information

Rofl 57, all I thought of when i read your comment was Herbert's voice saying what you said

Xanax_Pazzo 0

yah I live in Massachusetts and we are always infested with Mosquitos lol. I fucken hateeeeee it. :( fuck anti-flood!!

Blue_Coconuts 7

Want some popcicles? I have a whole box of popcicles down in the cellar...

She didn't have to be naked.. if she was at the river they probably had bathing suits on, which are usually made of kinda thin material. Mosquitos can bite through thin clothes

Kierann 0

Hey, do i have to go on my computer to add a picture or can i add it from my phone?

been there, done that unfortunately :(

FMLRevoluSean 0

Mosquito bites on your mosquito bites?

Haha! yeahh Sean! win :)

luis420 0

76 nice rack just had to put it out there

Rofl and Colin, you just made my night

KiddNYC1O 20

84 I was thinking the same

KiddNYC1O 20

IN your pussy? not on? loll

No Kidd. It gets IN your pussy. Not super fun :/

FMLRevoluSean 0

Yeah I got dirt in my pussy when I took it outside.

debiasio69696969 0

76 has no self esteem. She puts pictures of her "rack" on the Internet for really , anyone , so see and make comments on to make herself feel good. Even for 5 seconds. I work with people like her and it's really sad ]=

BrilliantBeauty 0

98, I agree with every word you said!!

KiddNYC1O 20

lol nice. well it is also a vaccum so I can see why lol

Kierann 0

Hahahaha also a vacum.

Sand in places you don't want to know is bad too!

redsox4021 0

98 has no self esteem, she makes fun of other girls to make her feel better about herself.

Gah, you self righteous bitch. It isn't just a picture of my "rack" my face is in it too if you click on it. It doesn't fit right in the little box and I don't know how the heck to fix it, resizing didn't work. I'm pretty sure if I had no self esteem, I would be a whore. & yet, I've refrained from having sex, let alone slept with multiple people. Why don't you get a life and stop insulting little girls just because they have bigger boobs than you do and don't know how the fck to work fml right yet?

Thank you # 111.

gregar00 1


FMLRevoluSean 0


Kierann 0

haha kybaby you lowered her self esteem and made her feel bad about her tiny boobs all in a few sentences.

A mosquito crawled up my shorts once and bit me on the ass. Very uncomfortable:/

FMLRevoluSean 0

op i think that's just your excuse for them rashes down there.

Kierann 0

nah i've seen girls just straight whore themselves around my school. The sad part is some of them aren't succesful at being a whore.

lol seriously..we have the biggest mosquitoes ever up here. I once went to Anchorage and literally got attacked by a swarm of them :P

#98, didn't you use to have a picture of two girls kissing as your icon? You sound like the kind of person you're making her out to be.

oh my jesus kybabyy you are so beautiful! (no I was not looking at her boobs.) don't you hate though how the picture doesn't fit all the way in the frame thingy? it pisses me off when mine don't work then it's like what the fuck is that. but still! and youre not a whore for wearing tanktops.

Ry- I bet! Haha ;) I'm still waiting for YOU to put a pic up!

redsox4021 0

yeah debasio put up a pic of girls kissing so she should shut the hell up. debasio you would be lucky if a misquito bit ur chest cuz it would be twice the size you got now.

you know what I like to do? oh that's right you don't. well when a moskitoe bites you on the arm flex your mussel realy hard and the moscitoe goes POP and blood spaters on yur arm. it's realy fun.

debiasio69696969 0

HAHAHHA wow everyone is hatin' Whatever , doesn't bug me. Wanna know why? I know I'm better than that. And I never said anything bad about her if you actually read it and made sense of it but of course you didn't. I SAID "It makes me sad" .. Whatever you can all hate it doesn't change nothing and it sure as hell don't make you look like a better person ..

145- does that really work? I thought it was just a myth.

mosquito's are bad in California? come to Minnesota and you'll see bad

#122 ahaha thank you, I try. #124 that sucks! I played in the sprinklers once at two in the morning with some friends.. mosquitos do bite in some awful places=/ #135.. well I'm going to call you Sam because you're a sweetheart and thank you(: you're rather gorgeous yourself. Of course. My boobs, which just happen to be a part of me, are definitely a far worse bid for attention than a picture of two girls making out. La de dum.

Ryy- okay! :) Yeah just don't let any of the other blood get into your open wound or you could get HIV :/ And stop hating on Jenine. She's hella nice so back off! Especially you redsox since putting others down seems to be YOUR favorite pastime!

Jimmy: nooo lol! it's a poster of a naked guy, GOD :) I got it at hollister. kybabyy: awh thanks :D

ya it works but the moskitoe has to bite you right on the mussel

89 I wouldve licked it out

Blue_Coconuts 7

Too many cute girls on this site... Too much jailbait too... It's a conspiracy....

hahahah, this whole cat fight thing reminded me of: "HOW DARE YOU, SHE IS A NICE LADY." -my favorite line in the word :D well besides: "I'm a god damn American Jedi!"

Rawrcupcake why is there a school chair in the backround of your pic?

Blue_Coconuts 7

Hahaha Sam, on my Facebook I have my job in the Army as American Jedi... I used to say that long before that movie came out though. :P

You're welcome Sam! Hollister gives away pictures of their guys? Yum. I can't seem to find any pictures that fit right into the stupid thing! Ahh.

gahhh I love that movie :) Sunday was my first time seeing it actually. heather and I started watching it Saturday but she fell asleep (on me, be jealous bitches!) right when they got all wierd and physco pathic-yy. so I turned it off so I wouldn't get nightmares about cyrstal meth. lol :D

ky: I know usually I just put a border around them and that usually gets it. and yeah! I bought stuff there and the bag just had a naked guy on it, I was like fuck yes!

Rofl welcome back, blue

The hangover is amazing, although the snap shots at the end are troubling =P How do you put a border around a picture? I fail at this Fml thing. They don't have a hollister where I live, so I order my clothes. I guess I don't get a nakey bag...

Ry- get over it :) Ky- don't worry the abercrombie ones are just as delectable ;)

Blue_Coconuts 7

Good to be back... I just found out I got another Hockey game to play in tomorrow! :D I'm so excited, getting some more ice time. :P Pro-tip, the pictures of the guys on those bags are just some guys face pasted on my body. True story. :P

awwh sucks about the nakey bag lol. and I customize my photo on myspace add the border there, save the pic and then put it on this. so yeah haha. JIMMY!!: I cut my leg open today hahaha. idk why I wanted to tell you but there it is. lol, I freaked out because I just saw tons of blood on my shirt (idk how it got there?) and on my floor and table and stuff, then I realized it was coming from the huge gash in my leg.

Blue- Then feel free to send me a whole bunch of shirtless pics and just crop your head out. :)

blue: I could care less because whatever they did to those pictures turned me on! just kidding but yeah I still don't care because it's sooooo hotttt :) the one on my wall is my husband. even though he has no face. HOLY FUCK I AM ANNOYING. has anyone else noticed all the extremely hot boys are gay?

Blue_Coconuts 7

I'm afraid all pictures of me without articles of clothing must be pre-approved through Haley. :P Sam, I dunno if I should be insulted or not... o.0

lol I have no idea to be honest. I think it was because I layed on my floor for like 40 minutes. no, I do not know why.

soo Blue do you know this terrorist in you pic? or is that you? lol

Haha oh I believe it blue. I really do. Lol congrats on the hockey game. Sounds sooo exciting

Ry- As a matter of fact I do know what you're talking about. Hmm maybe because I'm not a freaking idiot? Haha jk I'm just not really into basketball.. :/ Blue- Tell her she needs to share. It's only fair :p What if I bribed her?

Mr. Blue Coconut Man, if your body is on a hollister bag, you may be my hero. They're either gay, complete assholes, or you know, both. Sam, sorry for inserting my self in all your conversations. I've sort of adopted you as a friend. =D

Blue_Coconuts 7

It's me... I don't wanna bore everyone with old Army stories about why I dressed like that lol... And I dunno if she will share, she doesn't like to usually. :P

blue: no don't be insulted! lol sorry if I made it sound that way :)

TheVanGirlsing 0

aw come on now. them silleh richin' city folk dunt be knowin where dem good clothes at! wal mart and the 99 cent store has them fanciest clothes in TOWN! oooo weeee! 

Damn that's just my luck! :/

well now that you said there's a story that goes along with it of corse I want to know.

Blue_Coconuts 7

When I worked at Hollister I used to take my shirt off and stand there trying to act like a model. It worked a few times too, it was funny. A&F used to do "Live Models" that stood there shirtless so I would say I was doing it for Hollister too. :P

RaIeigh 0

I work at A&F now, and it blows (:

debiasio69696969 0

Jess you look soo different on faceboook than your picture on here =P

Ry- that's me! :) Jenine- haha I know! That's me and my bestie Victoria and we look like freaking retards in that pic. But for some reason I love it! :)

TheCreator_fml 0

haha I love when the convos by thread jackets get so off the subject of the fml from racks, to hollister, to a terrorist who works as a model. nice. ^^

Blue_Coconuts 7

Check your PMs Mr. Sparrow.. And I don't work as a model, I used to work at Hollister before I went to the Army.

are they bites on op's va-jay-jay? or is op a boy?

Ry- Damn :"( Funyons- I <3 new pic

volcomboy90 0

In soviet Russia men give women bites in places you don't want to know

^ lol :) ps OP is a chick so that'd be vajayjay! :) Antiflood can go suck a fat one...

for everyone that replied to me I'm not going to give you all little personal comments because they made no sense to me lol. but okay let's go with that :D

Raleigh: I still need my Spanish lesson! blue: I read your comment wrong the first time lol, so wait they really do or are you bullshitting me? haha :D

Alaka? Haha Alaska? And no don't come here it's sooooo boring and dumb! Yes I've that AK pride lmao! Where are you from?

inkcikkfi: I think I spelt your user name wrong. do you have anything easier? and yes we can become friends :)

yeahhh I figured it was a chickkk. hmm that must hurt. & thanks Jess:)

RaIeigh 0

Lol Sam. What should you first Spanish lesson be?

Blue_Coconuts 7

Sam they don't actually do that lol... But they could, I have the same body type, and when I did the "live model" stuff people thought I was haha.

Funyons- No problem! :)

Nick: alright :D Raleigh: idk you're the one that speaks it:D blue: oh me too. I could be a male model any day ;)

Blue_Coconuts 7

Male model? That's disturbing.... o.0

RaIeigh 0

Yes, the model term they throw around at A&F and Hollister is completely overrated. They don't actually "model", they just wear the clothes and greet people :P. Sam, well if I start teaching Spanish on this FML they're going to mod my posts. lol :P.

hahah #40 made me l-o-l. Beavers are cool, sloths are badass tho ..exp when they smoke blunts!

Blue_Coconuts 7

We had to stand there shirtless.... o.0

RaIeigh 0

Coconuts, I've never heard of that before lol..

Nick: yeah everyone does :) blue: no it's HOT. I was kidding :) Raleigh: idk how to pronounce your name.. oh! and also then just pm me duh :)

bosskidz20 2

whar did you do at the river?

blue: ahhhh! I went to a store like that it was prettyyyyy amazing. I sat in the chair things and just STARED. lol and I was going to say something else but I would have sounded like a complete creeper so I won't :)

RaIeigh 0

Rofl, Sam. Wow this whole time you didn't know how to pronounce my name :P? It's pronounced Ray-Lee :]..but ok, I'll just drop ya a line then.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Lol there was people who stared and a few girls would touch because I stood still and they thought I was fake. it was funny.

well, I had my first env3 like 4 months ago then it fried up since I used it to much. then I got another one and broke the screen. and thennn I got another and the buttons didn't work. so I got another and it's just ucky, it messes up alot lol. so im on myy... 10th phone in the past uh, 11 months I think lmao. the others I got pissed and threw at walls and shoved pencils in them.

OP are you sure you don't have herpes?

LexaDear 0

my milk isn't cold you guys. it's horrible :(

Raleigh: yeah my iPod has been spelling it right this whole time too lmao :) and are you serious! I thought it was Ralph or something but that's just cause I'm dislexitxjsbfysb or whatever. blue!: that reminds me of the time my friends and I were in Victorias secret and we got kicked out for taking pictures of us and the manniquins ass hahahah.

grog_fml 3

why were you naked?

RaIeigh 0

Lexa, hot milk = muy malo :/ Sam, lol wtf is a Ralph haha? Well, now you know how to say it at least :P.

muy malo? what laungage is that? and yes, I'm sorry that I didn't know RA LEE!:) I have no idea what you said in that msg btw:) if you didn't already guess lmao.

RaIeigh 0

Muy malo = Espanol :P. And ya, I kinda figured you didn't know anything I said haha. Don't worry though, because I can promise you with my help you'll be speaking Spanish in no time!

ky how old are you? your madd cute you should hit me up sometime

no ky is MINE. as of now.

Pfft who said she was yours =P? Btw I have been using my itouch with the app and thanks to the "cool" kids on FML I decided to join in =)

on your clitoris and nipples ?

slimreb0rn 0

you're a whore. GB2 kitchen.

272: Oh I see =P

--> Holy CrackMcDinjes! <-- Random Interjection

#261 thanks Haha Sam, for some reason that reminded me of Finding Nemo. Will you be my squishy?

rohosoccer08 1

haha wow another long thread jack, let me join lol... our Mosquitos here get really bad I hate it... we've had a few cookouts since it's been nice but I have bites all over me!

I'm stompin in with my boots on Rollin to the diner with my half off coupon Fuck, I been burnin since I was newborn, So high flying through space with Jimmy Neutron

if you were planning on goin to a river during this time of year, you should have put on insect repellant in anticipationnof the Mosquitos

rohosoccer08 1

I'm headed to the river for 4 wheeling next weekend!!!

Diannaa 0

Lol @ 69 me too

skull_candy 0

atleast now you have an excuse?

ajjaja ii kno riite

iSwag 0

hey is that Bailey's stuff any good? I've been wanting to try it

haha sucks OP but mosquito bites is the story of my life during summer I get like 10-14 at one time

I don't think I've ever got one

blue coconuts- there's like at least 3 or 4 of us that aren't jail bait silly. :]

Blue_Coconuts 7

The ones that aren't jailbait aren't the ones that PM me... lol..

hahaha blue :) and yes ky I will be your squishy :D

chillinAK 9

Long thread haha. Have to agree with you Jess, out of all the places I've been, Alaska has the worse. No one in lower 48 believes me that they are big enough for leashes there haha. This was my first season with them to. I actually had to take pics to get them to believe me.

Does this sound highly sexual to anyone else?

lol can't see 76s rack ftl comment hitting on people at FML

justin50_fml 0

89 is hot

I wanna know!

blondie105 0


Really. Well I was once attacked by a flock of beavers. I was able to fend them off with a bottle-opener, but only after they did things to me. Unspeakle things. Like make me watch New Moon.

lmfao #40 WTF?? those heartless creatures!! they made you sit through the crappy intermissions commercials as well? cold bastards

WolfsGuns 0

40, you are finaly back!

KiddNYC1O 20

afatmonkey is win. f twilight

jrl585 0

damn evil bevers! torting people like that lol

Oh, monkey I have missed you so!

dinorawrous 0

In Soviet Canada you attack beaver and make it watch Harry beaver. oh fuck I suck at this.

dinorawrous 0

ewww, I didn't mean to say that....

PunisherE1ite 0


More like mosquito bites show up in weird places!

hahahaha I'm firstt.

ducky514 0

no you're not hahaha

In Soviet Russia, we bite mosquitos.

ducky514 0

what the hell stupid comments show up in weird places >:(

kris18gc 0

this fml is pathetic

cookie_monster2 0

eeew that effing nasty. I had one on my butt b4 tho. fyl I feel ur pain

LiveLaughLove18 0

Haha yeah that is kind of gross, but bug bites suck, im sorry :(

peace7love2FML 0

haha on ur butt would suckk I can think of other places that r worse though!

cookie_monster2 0

you just put a pile of cold lotion on it nd it feels so goooooood :)

lol must have that sugar blood. invest in some bug spray duh

You are beautiful. Just sayin' >.<

simplyyamazingg 0

:P yuck..... how did thhey get there without yu feeling ?

LiveLaughLove18 0

That is a good

They are sneaky bastards and sometimes work in teams. You could be waving away one and another will sneak up behind you. Useless evil things.

mydesire 5

damn! that's gotta b so uncomfortable. sorry

smiley_ily 0

haha, hope it gets better :p that really does suck though....

lmachain1 0

pictures or it didn't happen