By ~Mr.Void - 09/10/2010 03:12 - United States

Today, my friends and I got front stage tickets to our favorite band. Being my first concert, we planned to start a small mosh pit in the back. I got knocked out by my bestfriends elbow and was rushed to the hospital, during the first song. FML
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how were you going to start a mosh pit at the back if you bought front row tickets?

midnight at a beiber concert hahaha


lol was it the funny bone

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First reply to the first comment. How... exciting, I guess.

#17 ?????????????????

haha second reply. im gay lalala no. gay ppl are stupid

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wow op,just wow.

OMG "the-flirtt" you are hot woop, woop

flossybaben?! collingwood?!! are you serious? actually I don't care :) I don't even follow footy >.< also, I would say you're a babe, but you have some gAyFL player as ya display pic :P

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#34 Yes, yes it was.

i have him marinus because he a hotty footy player ILY, by the way hot abs marinus woop woop

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You're creepy, 58.

yeh and your ugly

Ignorance, you're sooooo hott with your face and grammar.

#58 you can't even see my abs lol. *Wonders if ignorance would still hate me if I was to start spelling properly, with proper punctuation?*

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My ugly what?

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Your ugly... I give up.

how can grammar be hot?

haha I don't know, it's just the way she articulates with perfect syntax and spelling... gets me all hot and bothered.

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Grammar is sexy.

thanks Ignorance.

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OK, just ignore my question!

haha Its 4.30 am and I've been drinking.. was just trying to get a reaction since I knew you were uptight. I'm done now.

yep we just did FFml

wow you have great spelling for a drunk person?!?!?!?

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How is she uptight?

Why thank you.. but like I said, I've been drinking. I'm not retarded. Starting early for the UGA vs Tennessee game tomorrow

good luck amerwin for your game

From the few posts I've seen from her, she speaks in short, choppy sentences to avoid making errors and seems pretty condescending.

I'm not playing, but thank you. I'm not mean enough for football. I play baseball.

hey what does UGA stand for??

I'm not arguing with anyone. I was just answering her question, and I'm not drunk.

University of Georgia. it's a school, in a state, of southeastern U.S.

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I'm kind of late, but I think grammar and proper punctuation are soooo sexy, too, It really turns me off when a dude doesn't complete his sentences. >:(

ROFL at this argument! I like giraffes. just to put that out there :)

poor you. stupid for first concert IMO. fun tho!!

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omg rookie!! and I hope your not trying to mosh to Justin Beiber. haha

never saw the reason of moshpits.

should have gone in at the start cause you would have never gotten to the front anyways so yer

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Makes for a great stress reliever.

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sooo hardcore

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they are fun!

I agree, they're pretty damn fun. When the music gets you that amped up, you know it's good music

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my friend elbowed me in the face once I give him crap about it all the time. I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything though so it's not as bad

how were you going to start a mosh pit at the back if you bought front row tickets?

That's what I was thinking ! Makes no sense to me..

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They probably meant the back of the pit section. Many times, the front of the stage is the pit area. Standing room only. Towards the back is where the chairs/seating starts. I've gone to many concerts that mosh. I think moshing is stupid. However, it's like a train wreck you can't turn away from looking at. You add drunkeness and egos and it equals fists thrown.

Maybe iit was an infamous band that was playing, therefor like 10 ppl went to the concert :)))?? xd

I love moshing, and circle pits are fun too

Front stage tickets, I assume that means a seated concert.. Mosh pits don't make sense unless it's a general admission concert..