By Anonymous - 08/06/2009 13:49 - United States

Today, my friend was having a party. It was going good until I got the hiccups really bad, and they wouldn't go away. My friend decided to scare them away by shooting a pellet gun right next to my head. Bad news: It blew out my eardrum. I still have the hiccups. FML
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Who would ever think that's a good idea?

pellet guns aren't loud... at all


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EDITED for my own stupidity...

this is why you never let stupid people help you with your problems

hail grammar nazi #3. also why would you equate loud noises you know are coming to being scared? one works for hiccups, the other doesn't. Also, you could try the tried and true method of just forgetting about them. whataloser

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You deserve it for being friends with someone THAT stupid.

Ouch. Your friend is so stupid!

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Yes... I must agree with everyone else - does your friend go to, erm, special classes?

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Hahahahaha ouchies...

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ummm i believe that would not be your friend.

Well first of all, your friend is an idiot. And to make things worse, there is no medical cure for hiccups whatsoever, It's an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, there's no cure. It goes away on its own.

@20, swallowing water upside down stops it. I hope you didn't encourage this, that's just stupid!