By Anonymous - 08/06/2009 13:49 - United States

Today, my friend was having a party. It was going good until I got the hiccups really bad, and they wouldn't go away. My friend decided to scare them away by shooting a pellet gun right next to my head. Bad news: It blew out my eardrum. I still have the hiccups. FML
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Who would ever think that's a good idea?

pellet guns aren't loud... at all


Who would ever think that's a good idea?

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Your friend's an idiot.

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i believe you meant it was going well. hahaha sorry. but that hurrrrrts i've blown mine before

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so, so dumb

shooting your arm probably would have been a better idea ..


pellet guns aren't loud... at all

30-06 went off right next to my ear and I was fine

Some airguns are actually pretty loud

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Hope you're not a musician.

people can still be musicians even with a blown out ear drum, even when they're deaf...

Not really, they can play things like piano or guitar but not a wind instrument because you have to be able to hear whether you're in tune or not (it's the most important part)

shooting yourself in the arm = bad idea