By MuteNToot


Today, my friend was confiding all her problems to me over Skype. I pressed the mute button so I could let out a fart, forgetting I'd already muted it earlier. I broke several minutes of my own silence with a devastating wet one. Now she won't talk to me. FML
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By  jamescrazy96  |  17

You are not a true friend for muting them!! YDI

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Not really. I have a friend who would call me every other day and lay out their problems to me. I mute them only because sometimes there are other things going on or I'm multitasking. It does not mean I'm not listening. I just don't want them to be disturbed by the sounds at my end.

Also some people tend to repeat the same problem over and over again. A true friend would listen to them because you are their only outlet, instead of telling them to call later or shutting them up for repeating the same issue.

  SheepShoop_fml  |  20

OP was (un)muting themselves, not their friend.

Fairly respectful thing to do when in a conversation with someone over any media. Burping into a mic is rude. Farting into one apparently ruins friendships...

  jay_ladybug  |  19

every person on this list has pretty much the same comment. I think it gets understood the first time it's said lol but I don't see how this would make OP any less of a friend.

  JayVicious  |  20

apparently I was the only one thinking #2 was being sarcastic & meant OP trying to mute their fart.

if #2 meant what everyone else thought then yeah thats rediculous. true friends IMO wouldn't make a big deal about any bodily function unless it was to make goofy jokes.

  IAmStory  |  0

I saw it that way too, but friend could give a chance of explaining rather than just stop talking to her. Still a hilarious plonker-ish thing to happen.