By Anonymous - 17/11/2015 10:20 - United States - Hialeah

Today, my friend was complaining about about her new boyfriend. Playing around, I told her that he sounded a lot like my ex. He is. FML
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Really all I can say is get over it. Not meaning it in a mean way but he's your EX for reason. He can date who he wants just as you can. Fyl at the same time tho since your being seeing him.


It's like they say: great minds date alike. They totally say that.

Well pains in your side don't always go away.

Well the guy is ur ex and ur friend has already started complaining about he'll be her ex too...that also quite soon.Basically....the guy is an asshole.

How do you know?

mds9986 24

Let her date who she wants. However, by the sounds of it, she won't be dating him much longer is she already complains.

Sounds like he's the equivalent to a homie hopper.

If she's dating your ex then she's not really your friend. I don't know what all these posts about how you should get over it or not care are about. Wtf? It's gross & messed up that your FRIEND is dating your ex. She's getting your sloppy seconds & just because he's your ex doesn't mean you're over him yet so that's just screwed up on her part if she knew he was your ex. Otherwise that's just an awkward way to find out.

Something tells me you're not over your ex

That sounds like a genius joke xD

Look on the bright side: you can tell her what ticks him off so she can annoy him back.

is there no 'bro code' amongst women?

Badkarma4u 17

The ex could have dumped OP for whatever reason. We just don't know. just because someone posts in FML doesnt mean they are a good partner.