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Oh, you got me, Drew. I'm gay, but only for you.

What do we do now? Run off to Massachusetts? Or do we run off to San Francisco where you become a wedding planner and I become a midwife?

By  diabian  |  9

she is going to meet the likes of Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, Paul Newman, JFK.. etc. so ofcourse she is OK, as far as she doesn't catch the bus that is taking Hitler, Saddam and the likes of them.

  cldean24  |  0

Do you have any idea what started the Cuban Missile Crisis? Oh, you know, we were helping retaliate the tyranny of Fidel Castro. And the Bay of Pigs invasion was a greater upset than the missile crisis. Your facts are very skewed, because the missile crisis was pretty much the soviet union threatening the U.S. and the U.S. bringing in nuclear weapons because the Soviet Union did it first. Then America got them to back the fuck down. JFK just pissed off a bunch of people for not agreeing with the tyrant. In other words, the Soviet Union started it (it being nuclear warfare, but that doesn't sound as childish as I wanted it to).

  cldean24  |  0

Oh absolutely, JFK wasn't a great president, he didn't have the time to be. He had two years to make some nice speeches that would "change the world" like every president does. He just didn't have the time to contradict himself or screw it up. I think, a lot of people like him cause he was our youngest president and died they just don't want to admit it.
I really liked Nixon! He gets a lot of beef because of the watergate scandal and all :/ Eisenhower was a solid president.
You should look into some recordings of Theodore Roosevelt, he sounds like a badass little chipmunk. I don't remember a lot about him though, his voice was too interesting to focus on much else. I should brush up on my presidential history, my knowledge is slowly fading into algorithms, calculus, and topology. I miss being well rounded :(