By Thatkid - 18/02/2009 14:29 - Singapore

Today, my friend had a Coke can on his desk in class. It was empty but I was thirsty so I picked it up thinking I could try to get that little bit of Coke always left at the bottom. When I took a sip I found out he had been picking his fingernails and putting them in the can. FML
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Oh man, I shivered. That is gross.

disgusting... funny though. ask before you drink lol


disgusting... funny though. ask before you drink lol

Oh man, I shivered. That is gross.

at least it wasn't a loogie/spit or something.

Mortoli 30

my brother has done this lol.

elguapo_fml 0

a mouthful of fingernails was probably better than the mouthful of saliva you would've gotten anyay... at least you didn't end up swallowing it. why would you even WANT to drink the nasty crap at the end?

alwaysalady 0

don't share drinks with anyone.fingernails are the least of your worries... mono....meningitis....hep...there's cooties in other people's spit.

Oh, *EW*!

Nasty. Kind of your fault, kind of a victim of bad circumstance.

jukeboxhero420 0

That's grosser than gross.

Femanon 0

This is the exact reason you should NEVER EVER share drinks with people. Fucking ew...

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hahahah hahahah hahahahah hahahha OMG hahahahhahaha