By Anonymous - 07/07/2015 19:13 - United States - Summerfield

Today, my friend got pulled over. The cops searched the car and found a bong among the stuff we were moving to her new house. When they confronted her with it, she told them it must be mine and that she'd never seen it before. FML
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Wow, such a great friend throwing you under the bus instead of taking responsibility!

Time to leave that "friend" behind


well, sucks to be you, I guess :$

No shit. That's why there is an "I agree, your life sucks." button.

oooo what a coincidence my mother just got pulled over for selling drugs with a baby in the car and now I have a daughter instead of a sister

Wow fuck now that should be an fml

#86 I've told some crazy stories for fml and they always get denied...I've given up

I just moderated an FML of this story. Hopefully it was you that submitted it, as I clicked "Yes".

Yea I tried to but as usual it got denied. I submitted it and if someone else submitted it as well and it got published it wasn't mine that was accepted cause I just got the deny email...these people are nuts.

Wow, such a great friend throwing you under the bus instead of taking responsibility!

Excellent friend you have there. And you say you are helping her move to her new home? I'm assuming you did not get arrested since you got on FML. I think you should bitch slap her with the bong.

She should be like, "Oh yeah I recognise it. Hey, Judy, where do you want this bong placed? I mean, we're moving your stuff to your house after all."

Bongs are technically sold as tobacco products.. depending on where you live. There's her excuse. It worked for a friend of mine.

Not sure if it's OPs car or not, but if it isn't then you have nothing to worry about. In the US, it's the owner of the car that is responsible for what is inside.

You need new friends, just saying. If that was me, I'd cop the punishment.

Not that good of a friend. I hope she did the rest of the moving herself!

What a jerk! I hope you didn't continue to help them move house.

Not only stop helping her, dump all her stuff on the side of the road. You don't know what else she has there.

Time to leave that "friend" behind

But can she still dance?

Pretty much did exactly that. I moved 1300 miles away :) outta sight outta mind

#55 that's funny haha

Oh my goodness, I didn't even catch that joke 55 haha. I can dance if I want too, I can leave my friends behind. Cause my friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine haha

Stash cocaine in her car later and call the cops, that'll teach her.

Yes because taking the huge risk of getting caught with cocaine to get revenge after being accused of holding a bong is a smart thing to do.

21, they weren't being serious..

Oooooohhhhh...... apologies my good sir. I feel like an ass for using my sass.

its OK sassypants, your sick rhymes helped to save the day.

A lesson to remember; if someone finds a strange item amongst your things, say it's a gag gift. Just be weary of your friend from now on.

Or just stop calling her a friend

some friend she got

Stopping being someone's friend is a lot easier said than done. What if they're in the same friendship group or work together or been childhood friends etc? Better to be civil than hateful. But it depends on the outcome, if OP got into serious trouble with the law, then yes, ditch the friend.

With a friend like that who needs enemies

What a bad friend hope you are no longer friends anymore