By kelkline - 31/08/2009 16:45 - United States

Today, my friend got a babysitter for the kids and told me she was taking me to a party. My son told me his band was playing at a party. I will be 40 tomorrow, so I thought this would be the best surprise birthday party ever. It WAS a surprise birthday party – for a friend of ours. FML
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i think she's talking about her younger kids.

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maybe they have something planned for your real birthday...? hopefully.


yes im first

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No one cares!

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it's awesome to be first, but just as awesome to tell the first person they're a dumbass too

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I care. Congratulations!

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YDI for being 40

that's a shame. did you confront them??


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blow me u ass!!

failure post...


Awh. Then how much longer will you have to wait until you realize getting second doesn't mean a thing?

Your son is old enough to be in a band and make those decisions alone but needs a babysitter? I'd be pissed enough to not give you a party too!

i think she's talking about her younger kids.

poster did not say whos kid the babysitter was for, could of been for her friend own kids

Whoops. You're right. Reading fail for me.

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maybe they have something planned for your real birthday...? hopefully.

This is lame. Your birthday is tomorrow, and your complaining that you didn't get what you ASSUMED was to happen? Its not all about you. Maybe on your birthday, but apperantly not today. I wonder what plexico's, or screwtaylors takes on this FML are...

agreed. plexico?

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Screwtaylor? I can see how Plexico's comments are read-worthy, but Screwtaylor's don't stand out unless you count the fact that she comments on so many FMLs.

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Next y'all will be waiting with bated breath for Intoxicunt too?!?!

They already are, except I posted on this thread so I wasn't mentioned. It's not our problems if you are one of the few people who don't like us. I've been called a FML goddess and had many people message me to tell me how they love my comments. Don't like them, don't read them.

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@Intoxicunt: No, I like plexico. And screwtaylor, although more hit and miss, can be entertaining. What I generally dislike about your posts is that you include some kind of clarifying apology on the bottom of most of them (you say something funny and then include something to take the edge off). Nothing personal, your nickname was just the first that came to mind among the "comment on every FML" crowd.

Hmm, ok then. I generally just say how I feel, and if I feel sympathy for the OP I usually say something to that affect, such as "but FYL, sorry to hear that." I'm not a complete troll.

YDI for being 40! Jk. Just throw a party for any random person whose birthday is near that of whoever planned this. Then ignore their birthday.

Surprise! You are officially irrelevant! Welcome to Middle Age, Douchebag! Nobody cares anymore. Relax. If you are not a winner by now, you are a loser and it's "Game Over, Man." Have fun running out the clock until the icy hand of death takes you to oblivion. Please don't congratulate me on this comment, this is the text I got on my 40th B-day Hallmark Card. From my kid.

*Does math*... I'm working on figuring out your age. I think I've got it narrowed down quite well. :) Oh and yeah, that's pretty fucked up. I like the classic, "Old fart? What are you talking about? *Open card*. That one smelled fresh to me!"

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that sucks, but does the friend not deserve a party, too? it would have been nice if they'd combined both of your birthdays.. ps, plexico, thats fucked haha happy birthday! ;]