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Today, my friend bought a smartphone and updated his facebook status with it. Two weeks ago he signed an apartment lease with another friend. Four months ago he bought a new handgun. Seven months ago he bought a new TV. He's owed me $300 for a year and a half. FML
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airball33 0

That's why you don't loan money to friends

Send over some debt collectors :)


Don't mess with him, man! He's got a handgun.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

^^thats right

Seriously #8? I don't like to generalize like this, but you bring the "only in America" to realization! no wonder everyone says all Americans jut want to sue. Who would sue/take to court, their friend over $300. I'd hate to be your friend!

Marinus, see DocBastard's rule #5.

mintcar 9

$300.00 is a lot of money. Unless he has some proof, taking him to court would be completely useless.

Why so Cereal...?

haha Doc I read it earlier on today! But it's so true! why would he want to sue! and no, I didn't say 'only in America' but I understand where people are coming from when they make that generalization!

Haha Doc, your rules are on point!

Friend are you enemies in reverse.

duckie227 22

um, #35, pretty much every American. that's why our tv networks make millions off court shows. and Americans actually watch them. Judge Judy makes more than a Judge on our Supreme Court. it's asinine. anyway, you could always CONFRONT your friend and ask for the money back if you want it back that badly. I've had to do that before. maybe he forgot

The money isn't really the point. It's really that all the while this man has owed him this money he's buying rather expensive things for himself and signing a long term agreement that involves probably more than $300 a month.

HamsteronA 0

What works for me is threatening to charge interest, and then actually charging it, and when you've gone on for long enough, THEN you take him to court. When it's actually worth something. And sue him double what he owes you, only stupid Americans do that.

Marinus: it's really true and really sad. Suing over every little thing is so bad in this country that everyone is pretty much afraid to do anything. For example, you can't just pull someone out of a fiery car crash without the risk of being sued for somehow damaging the person's back, regardless of whether you saved their life or not. :( It makes me ashamed to live here.

8: You can't just take someone to court when there isn't any legal document stating that the money is owed. The friend could just say either, that OP gave him the money to keep, or that he never even got the money in the first place. I doubt that OP wrote up any official contract when he/she leant the money to his/her friend.

whatyotalkinbout 0

verbal contract

Verbal contracts are not easy to prove.

Taking to court is a herculean task if you don't have the time and/or money, and don't know the exact steps. I tried to take a travel agent to court for sucking out $2200 by showing false paperwork, but had to give up as I did not have the time to appear in the court, or money to spend on lawyers. Even the AG's office said that I had a good case, and might be worth fighting; if the company did not want to return the money and AG cannot do anything. Also, why should OP sue his/her friend for $300 and spend way more than that in fighting the case (which probably does not even have a paper trail). But OP... I feel sorry for you. Why don't you start nagging your "friend" for the money? Maybe he will get fed up of you and return it :).

Two things almost always happen when you loan a friend money. You loose the money and you loose the friend. Best thing to do is never loan a friend money. You give the money with no expectation of getting it back. This just happened to me. A friend needed help and I gave him $100. This is my best friend and I told him this was not a loan but a gift. He made it a point to pay it back but I never expected it or asked for it. That is how true friends are.

theian01 3

If you ain't got it on paper, you ain't got shit. Taking it to court would cost more than $300 itself, so it's really a stupid idea.

facebook status doesn't belong there but don't make him mad he bought a handgun

MissErikaHart 0

I agree with #1

MissErikaHart 0

you ain't gettin the 300 back so let it go. or stop being his friend if it bothers u that bad.

3rdbass 9

Ain't ain't a word.

Send over some debt collectors :)

he would just shoot them with his handgun O:

I'm thinking something along the lines of the "where's my money?" scene in Family guy with Stewie and Brian.

airball33 0

That's why you don't loan money to friends

Quest_ 13

I wouldn't fuck with him now that he's got a handgun.

That's good for us to know.Valid information.

Well, one could bring a sawed-off shotgun.

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It REALLY is hot down here! Summer you can bet on 5 out of seven days in the week will be hotter than 35 degrees celsius! and the other two 33+ Perth is also THE most isolated city in the world =O

lurchin_10 0

fuck a bitch ass handgun

mikejunior88 4

there's so many redundant things in this story but yea ydi for not doing him like stewie did brian. you would've had your money a long time ago dude.

If you weren't assertive enough to keep reminding him that he owed you money, then YDI. Otherwise, he's an ass for not having his priorities in order, especially if you're friends. The first thing you should do when you come into money is pay back those who were good to you

"Where's my money, man?"

Sinkhole 26

Forget the TV and the handgun, OP clearly forgot to say that his friend bought also a $2.99 fake moustache... I guess this time the fake moustache worked!

I think OP also forgot to say how he lit his friend on fire, shoved him down the stairs, and shot out his knee caps.

Ooh... My fat finger accidentally thumbed up that bad family guy reference.

UnprecendentedAw 0

Take the pistol, pistol whip him, slip the phone in your pocket, put the TV in your backseat and call it even. He can keep the lease.

What shall we do with the smartphone, Master?

MissErikaHart 0

ha^ this

and take the cannoli

Work out a monthly payment plan. For only $5 a month, you guys will be square in less than 6 years!

NoFackYourLife 0

Remind the deadbeat...

Where were you for the Neil Patrick Harris fml?