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Today, my friend and I were walking home when we saw a patch of wet cement. Taking a page out of every single Disney movie ever made, we wrote our names in it. What Disney movies don't show is when the neighbors tattle on you and you have to pay $500 to get the cement redone. FML
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What Disney movie do they do this??

I've ALWAYS wanted to do that... But until now I didn't expect it to cost me $500.


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Yea the 90's have come and gone. RIP greatest decade of this generation.

1 - it's all about the invention of the television. Before 1950 none of this shit existed. Kids went out and didn't come home until dinner and parents not only didn't care, they encouraged it.

The 90's haha? Even then people were uptight as fuck. I wish I could go back to the 50's and 60's when our dads grew up. Those decades sound pretty laid back. Bringing your shotgun to school for show and tell, riding bikes all day paying a nickel for a soda. Goddam.

Yeah, the 1950s were sooooooo great. I mean, what with all that stuff you two above just made up off the top of your heads, there was also racial segregation, subjugation of women, corruption up to the asshole, and almost as terrible music as we have to put up with today. Sounds like a DREAM. /sarcasm

Sure, if someone decides to put Hello Kitty stickers all over your car, it's only fun and you won't mind it right? They are idiots, I wouldn't want either to have strangers's name forever engraved on my pavement.

Mister_Triangle 21

Yeah! Let's go back to the days when property damage was looked upon with smiles and respect! When exactly was that again!

-42, Thank you, exactly my thoughts, I would "tattle" as well. I don't want to look at some idiot's engraved name on the sidewalk in front my building every day... Reminds of that "the office" episode where michael presses his entire face into the wet cement.

NickaPLZ 26

I can't look directly at your profile pic it's too scary.

The 70's and 80's were the best by far... If only I could remember them!

34- come on now, music in the 50s wasnt too bad. It's a hell of a lot better than todays music.

jisaac09 25

Thats the ticket 75, lets all just be dicks for no greater good. You want to know what I would have done if I caught two people writing their names in wet concrete? I would let them do it, then I would go pat the concrete back to the way it was originally. If it is wet enough to write in, it is wet enough to fix easily. Two kids get to have their fun, nobody's concrete job is harmed in anyway and I get to feel good about not causing anyone problems.

Woah shrike he said 50's and 60's and of you really feel like the 60's had bad music then I feel bad for you

KiddNYC1O 20

I'd live in the 80's forever.

#93~ The neighbor may not have noticed the names when the concrete was still wet. I'd definitely want to have someone else pay to fix it if it wasn't my fault it got vandalized. It's ruining someone's property and it's not something the owner should have go fix themselves if they know who did it. If it were still wet though, I'd agree with you. No big deal.

SneakherHead 5

#107 I love your hello kitty necklace O__O

Vball6 19

#93- I literally wrote out my whole comment then I went back to look at the comments and it was almost exactly what you wrote. The neighbors shouldn't have to fix it.

Vball6 19

Have fun without someone complaining? Yeah, the people who did would be having fun, but I'm certain you did be complaining if someone vandalized your property, not laughing it off.

How long do you think they could've gotten away with it? They wrote their freaking NAMES.

People are such cry babies now. So sad.

They were never here. You seem to have 'My generation was clearly the bestest' syndrome

You did something illegal, so YDI.

BunchieRules 31

Agreed. This would technically be vandalism, or otherwise destruction of property.

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2. You sound so very boring haha. Just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong.

2, Just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong. Maybe in the governments eyes but that really doesn't matter much.

32- it wouldn't be illegal if it wasn't wrong

I don't know why you are getting so many thumbs down. What people need to realize is that just because something is 'fun' doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want. Putting sidealk down is expensive as hell, not the sidewalk itself but the people they pay to do the work, the truck, materials, etc. if they wanted names on the sidewalk they would have wrote their own names... There is a reason why this is illegal.

So pedophilia, sex trafficking, and murder isn't wrong?

Krajjan 9

62- So that's why racial and social equality was illegal for so long. Not in the same league, I know, but 'illegal' never means 'wrong'. Sometimes 'socially destructive' becomes 'illegal', however. I try not to let the ever-changing legal system dictate my entire moral code.

68 I agree completely. I'd be mad as hell if I paid all that money to get the sidewalk redone and then a couple of people decide to screw it up. Respect other people's property OP and you wouldn't end up in stupid situations like this.

Let me know when you paint your house, and I will come over and put my own mutual on it. No big Deal!

62: "It wouldn't be illegal if it wasn't wrong"? That's a stupid, naive statement. Homosexuality used to be illegal; is that because it's wrong, or because society was intolerant and ignorant? Marjuana's illegal but many people (especially those using it medicinally) would argue that this doesn't make it explicitly wrong. A lot of people are solidly against smoking tobacco and believe it's "wrong" but that's NOT illegal. The law does NOT define right and wrong. It defines the values of the society it's specific to (and even then not always accurately).

Morals should never dictate laws, there is a big difference between homosexuality being illegal and graffiti. When we start being able to tell the difference between Bible based "opinion" and the actual laws, we might all be better off. Ruining someone's hard work by writing your name whimsically in it is WAY different than Adam and Steve wanting the same rights as Adam and Eve. It should be treated as such.

Vball6 19

21- oh so, if it were to be your property that was vandalized, would you be willing to pay it off? It's expensive. And no, creating trouble for other people might be fun for you, but not them. If you were in the position of the people who got vandalized, I'm sure you wouldn't call it "fun" then. People like you make me sick.

Wow. The majority of people that commented here: Get the stick out of your ass. Its just cement. Theyre just kids being kids. Its so cheap to make and replace, and its fun to write stuff in cement. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you people. Calm the fuck down lol.

It's not cheap, and also EXTREMELY annoying to have to go back and redo something you did because of some "kids wanting to be kids".

123 Did you even read the FML? It cost OP $500 to fix the cement that they messed up. That's not cheap. And clearly they aren't children, the youngest I would suspect is mid teens. OP and friend are old enough to know better. They deserved it and were lucky they didn't get charges pressed against them for destruction of property or vandalism.

#84 and a few others, I think you're reading too much into what was said. They probably meant that vandalism wouldn't be illegal if it wasn't wrong. It's a little much to see that statement and infer that they were saying that anything that has ever been illegal has been so because of wrongness.

Don't you know about YOLO?

It obviously offended the neighbours, it hurts emotionally when you've paid all that money just so some moronic fool can come and destroy it. It both offends and hurts, so shut the guck up.

chesoes 8

you deserved it , putting cement down is really hard to do and you just destroyed thinking itll be fun

Yeah my dad is a concrete mason and that pisses him off sooo bad! Where I live is more than $500. Depending on how big the square footage is.

I've ALWAYS wanted to do that... But until now I didn't expect it to cost me $500.

I did it once when I was younger on some concrete outside my's sadly not that great. It pretty much just eroded really quickly...I think you have to mark it pretty deep for it to stay.

Well, I do like it deep. ;)

flockz 19

yes but $500 is way too steep for me, grace.

I concur. If I had to cough up $500 I couldn't even afford to buy my groceries. I'd rather eat than write in cement.

flockz 19

so since you like it deep, how quickly do you erode?

nancyschmancy 9

38-it's pretty sad you had to reach so deep to make yourself sound like such a perv!

43 - It's pretty sad that you find sex perverted. Hope you're not planning on having children.

nancyschmancy 9

48- I don't did sex perverted. I find asking someone how quickly they erode, is.

nancyschmancy 9

Damn it. I don't find sex perverted. Stupid auto correct.

I thought the erode line was pretty good *shrugs*

flockz 19

if you thought that was pervy, i'm glad i shortened my original comment to only being about "eroding".

I did that when I was younger but no one told

What Disney movie do they do this??

Lady and the Tramp!(: lol I'm not really sure which other one, that's the first and only one that popped in my head.

Only one I could think of was "Oliver and company" when Oliver follows Dodger when he has the sausages while singing "Why should I worry" and he walks through wet concrete

imavelociraptor 6

I love oliver and company!!! "you and me togeether we'll be. Foreeever you'll see. We'll aaaalways be goood company you and me just.wait.and.seeee"

Mister_Triangle 21

You're all thinking too narrowly. Disney has made more than their animated 'classics'. Just about every live-action family/kid movie has Disney's hands in it.

John Carter is a Disney movie. So obviously OP exaggerated*. *not sure I spelt that right

58 no you're good

Disney does not do this in "every" movie; even the live action ones, thats a huge exaggeration. And to add to the short list that was created, Hercules and Pegasus did it during "Zero to Hero". I love Oliver and Company :) when I got my cat 2 years ago, my sister and I named him Oliver because he looked just like him.

It seems we've concluded that Demi-Gods and animals are the only ones that actually do this in Disney movies (unless I missed something?). So there's your answer OP - assuming you are neither of the two, that's why you didn't get away with it!

No no, OP said EVERY Disney movie ever made. Time for the most epic marathon ever...

some of the original disney channel movies

sarahlove281 4

If this is in a local neighborhood, FYL. If this is in a public setting or a nice area of town, YDI. But I have to agree, $500 is steep being playful and just writing your name in the concrete...

It's not if they had to mix more cement

Why would it matter where they wrote their names? It it were their property and their parents were all for Disney-ing the fuck out of the cement, then they have more than their right to do it. But I take it their neighbors didn't want to see their names vandalizing the nice neighborhood, and were well within their right to report it. I know this doesn't make me sound funloving, but I did the same thing when some little kids were writing in my new driveway. My parents were trying to see the house and had purchased some really expensive concrete. The kids were stupid and wrote their FULL names and the date. I took a picture of the kids doing it then the cement. The parents were not too happy when my dad took them to court for $4000 dollars.

Is it worth the experience?

Mystic River?

HooHooHa 6

They did it in Herecules, I think.

Yes they did. I remember Pegasus and Hercules doing it. (:

imavelociraptor 6

All i really remember is that Oedipus joke that they made. After he and Meg had their date he says "and what about that Oedipus guy? Man i thought I had problems!" If you have ever read Oedipus the King you would get it.

mimiminx 23

Surely it wasn't the neighbours tattling on you that got you done, it was the fact your names were permanently written in the concrete?!

Cause there is surely not other people with the same name as OP right?

zingline89 18

Well OP's name is Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop. So it was a little obvious. But seriously, there is someone with that name not far from where I live. Google it.

KiddNYC1O 20

Op's name is onlyme, duh.