By me - 11/11/2010 18:11 - United States

Today, my friend and I were racing on our bicycles, when my chain snapped. I went over the handlebars and slid, on my back, for about ten feet. FML
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Fortuitous 0

Looks like that situation slid out of control.


1st ! suucks fyl

OrginalOwen 0

It's a slip and slide with blood! Me first!

anybody else feel a little nauseous after reading 69's comment?

iSitt 0

when was your last tetanus vaccine ?

No, because I just watched The Walking Dead.

Rawr100 0


oww gotta hurt

Hope op was on grass instead of pavement

pengiesully 0

dude the same thing happened to me, I was going down hill and the chain popped and I skidded 15 feet and i skidded on my head/chest and took off inches of skin on my feet and hands, luckily I had a helmet on

I hope the paint wasn't scratched!

Fortuitous 0

Looks like that situation slid out of control.


lol ya

this made me lol (both the comment and te post)

At least you did not slid on your stomach

maybe he died, and he's friend wrote it for him? :O

i always think that's going to happen to me

Oh, that sounds painful. :(

Haha. I laughed at that. Punny :)

damn, I always feared that when I race my friend..

at least it wasn't on ur face, like I've got to experience :)

C6Racer 0

You want to experience WHAT on your face?