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Shit happens to fine assholes

I don't know why but I went to go Google it...


Shit happens to fine assholes

Everytime an FML involves fecal matter, nearly every comment is a 'shit' pun. Thank you for at least making an 'asshole' pun.

Op you deserved it for two reasons, 1 everyone deserves to play oregon trail, it's awesome,and 2 for looking at stuff like that

Holy shit just stop overusing stupid puns

Worst comment thread EVER.

I don't understand this fml.

Am i the only one who does not know what Oregon trail is ?

39-Coming from the person with the stupid pun picture. Just saying.

54- probably... Which tells me you are either over 50 or a kid and probably too young to be on fml. Either way, there is this funny thing called google- use it.

#65 or i actually have a life and dont waste my time playing childish games.

I don't know what it is and my phone is incredibly slow, so it's hard to google things.

#54 you dont need to get all defensive its just that most kids at some point play Oregon trail. Oh and just because we know what Oregon trail is doesn't mean we dont have a life too. Most people were forced to play at school when we were learning about the westward expansion, or at least i was....

my comment is total shit

I'm still waiting for all the "shitty situation" comments

Waiting for those comments is a shitty situation.

Shitty shituation.

Does not apply here

Rule 34 applies to everything.

Booty situation.

How does that in any way make sense?

That game was the shart!

Hahaha, I bet your aunt had a heart attack.. My aunt freaks out on me if I accendently burp in front of her.

Here we go again with the shit puns !

How many people just went and googled it?

Brace yourselves, shit puns are coming...

I don't want to hear your shit.

I don't know why but I went to go Google it...

I have to now that it was mentioned. Damn it...

Edited comment is edited xD

Why would you even send something like that to anyone?

Why wouldn't you is the true question

And somehow I agree with both of you...