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Today, my friend and I were in her moms car talking about which job was harder: actor or artist. I said, "Art is easy. You just scribble on a piece of paper and call it abstract art." Her mom squinted at me in the rearview mirror and my friend stopped talking. Then she said, "My mom is an artist." FML
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well youre an idiot because art is much more complicated ... ... I can't draw for my life nor can I pass it off like I can ... meanwhile people will see a movie with jessica Simpson and call that "acting" ... it ain't hard

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...honestly? Comparing actors and artists is like comparing apples and pears. Done well, each require talent and effort.


Agreed. Oops. But also, neither of them are on the harder end of the job scale. Try ******* mining. 27% of miners will go deaf, and thousands die in explosions or the mines giving wau every year.

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#1-kinda agreed, but I can see saying that to someone you don't really know/just started becoming friends with But I agree about the abstract art thing

she is right! anyone can draw or use a computer to make abstract art. it's just scribbles.

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well youre an idiot because art is much more complicated ... ... I can't draw for my life nor can I pass it off like I can ... meanwhile people will see a movie with jessica Simpson and call that "acting" ... it ain't hard

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You have obviously never been in a play, or a musical. Never mind movies and tv that is rather easy but not quite. You have to memorize lines, and no there isn't improving because other people won't know what you are talking about, you have to know your blocking can't upstage another actor but you have to be seen you have to project but not too loud, you have to memorize choreography and music and you have to know all your cues. It isn't as easy as you believe.

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Stop whining. They said both are difficult, and they ARE.

sometimes there's no improving in art either. some people just can't get better, i know a few people like that

Ok I know a lot of people think that abstract art is easy, but it is more than a bunch of scribbles. it takes into account color, composition, expression, etc. Even if you don't appreciate that style of art, what about realism? Art takes a shitload of skill.

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People make typos. And abstract art is not just scribbles. You have to take so much things into consideration: composition, colour, technique, etc etc. It takes work. If you think that anyone can do abstract art then it's obvious you know nothing about the topic.

Abstract is very complex! I know exactly what you mean!

Well, YDI for being so ignorant about art. Acting is way easier than art! Art is so incredibly difficult. I mean have you ever tried it? Unless it's cheap-o modern art, trying to get a drawing to actually look nice is SO difficult unless you have lots and lots of talent. Acting is pathetically easy compared to that. Then again, I doubt she really cared! While I was at a friend's house I told him that I didn't want to be a laywer anymore cos "they're all cold-hearted". His mum heard me and said, "Well, i'm a laywer, you know". And my only response was "Well, I didn't mean ALL laywers". Yeah, pretty embarassing, but my friend told me that she didn't actually give a damn. So don't worry.

The OP is right about abstract art though. Other forms of art are difficult to do, but really, abstract art is a joke.

For someone so quick to call the OP ignorant, you seem to be full of ignorance yourself after saying that "acting is way easier than art". When was the last time anyone had to drop or gain 60 pounds in order to secure an art piece? When was the last time you heard of broken bones because of how physically demanding a painting was? When was the last time you heard of a painter who had absolutely no private life? There are tons of things that people forget is required to being an actor, usually the least of all is how talented you need to be in order to really succeed and be respected among your peers. So I'm gonna have to agree with the OP, acting is harder. And for anyone interested, I'm an actor. Whose favourite pasttime for the last 15 years has been sketching and art.

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genius_man16- Abstract art is like exercise. If you don't put in the effort and challenge yourself, you won't get anything out of it. If you are unwilling to offer and explore your interpretations and bounderies, then of course, you will get nothing out of it and think it is a joke. Think outside the box.

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And divineinstrument- You are 14 years old. Have you ever even MET a lawyer? You deserve that for being an ignorant child.

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And Insert_wit_here- As far as your point about acting being more difficult to earn respect from your peers, you do realize that the vast majority of master artists did not garner any respect until after there were dead? I can't think of any actors in a similar situation. I believe that the two are incomparable in terms of difficulty. Both require talent and hard work. Neither can be done well without a gift. However, in my opinion, art exceeds acting in the amount of creativity required. Yes, creativity is required for many instances of decent acting, but in order to even attempt visual art, creativity is an absolute must. There is no art without the act of creation.

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You yourself is an actor and you can't even think about the hardest acting their is, doing plays. Never mind screen acting but like Broadway. I don't think that's easy.

@40: I disagree. Art isn't something that should require an education to appreciate. The simple fact of the matter is that if it looks good, its art. People can begin to make judgment from there. Now abstract art can look good, it can fill a room with colour or personality but it should not be accepted as art just because so-and-so created it or "it has symbolic meaning". Art is one of the professions that disgusts me most in life. Please note that I am an accomplished artist myself as I have sold drawings, lent myself to various groups for my talent, and frequently practice art in different mediums such as website design. It is not my 'day job' but I make money doing it because I show talent and don't rely on some sort of B.S. to get by. I see far too many talented people getting overlooked because they don't have a degree or didn't spend 2 years working under some hoity-toity ass. My $0.02.

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Oh I absolutely agree that education has nothing to do with it. I don't mean that your interpretaion has to be academically accepted or artistically intended at all. I simply think that if you look at an abstract work and think to yourself, "what is this piece of junk? A string around a wall?" then of course, that is all it will be to you. But if you give it a chance and some thought, you might be surprised what you can take from it.

@#35... What the hell? I never said acting is easy? Did you respond to the wrong person or something?

But with some lessons, you'll be drawing happy little tree's in no time

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Well it sounds like you were baited into that discussion which really isn't fair. So FYL indeed

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I am a pretty good artist and I found that statement to be funny. Though abstract isn't my cup of tea,so I'm not the best judge.

i'm sorry but i'm going to have to back up the actors, acting is REALLY hard to do WELL. it takes a lot of bravery and courage to get up infront of a big crowd and show your soul. I have friends that are artists and they have shitloads of talent and i am astonished how much it takes to draw a good picture, so i find that question kind of hard. you do need a lot of talent to draw (which can be done in privacy and you can erase mistakes or scrap work you dont like) but you need talent, a good memory, bravery, and charisma to act (which you have to do in front of an audience and once you make a mistake you have to scramble to catch it or it's game over). I think it's up to the person answering but i would like to mention, the number one most common fear in humans is public speaking/being in front of an what's harder? hmmm :/

Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

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...honestly? Comparing actors and artists is like comparing apples and pears. Done well, each require talent and effort.

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You make a good point, except for that whole thing where writing wasn't involved in the OP's discussion.

Ok, while I admit that Miley isn't what one would call a "great actor", I think the effort she has to put in a concert/tv show is A LOT more than what the 'artist' put in this multi million dollar piece of "great art": Don't get me wrong though; some modern art does look simplistic but nice: