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  persianjr1  |  7

imagine how scared the dog was, I mean just imagine what it would be like if all of a sudden the ground underneath you just started to move and you were continuously flying upward. I would have attacked you to. lol. This is a definite YDI!!


91- do us a favor and stfu. OP is a retard for thinking it was funny and you are stupid for even opening your mouth. animals don't deserve to be disrespected. look what happens when they are.

  FlashBurn  |  13

91 is right, we should respect humans more. Next time she gets hit by a car, do her a favor and put her out of her misery. Poor, poor person... I agree with Doc, animal cruelty is intolerable. Humans can take it.

  DocBastard  |  38

You don't need to tell lextheplex to shut her mouth. She was only voicing her opinion.

My question to lextheplex is: Where did I say anything about respecting animals more than people? Am I to respect this woman who was abusing her dog? Should I feel sorry for her getting what she deserved?

I give the utmost respect to the people who earn it. People who abuse anything (other people, animals, drugs, the law, etc) don't deserve respect.