By sore - 19/04/2011 10:03 - Ireland

Today, my friend and I were bouncing around on a trampoline. We brought my dog up to bounce him around. We found it hilarious. He didn't. He attacked us. FML
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I don't blame him

You found abusing your dog hilarious? I hope the dog attacked your ovaries so you can't pass on your glaring stupidity to others. Stupid twat.


I don't blame him

The poor dog was probably scared to death.

imagine how scared the dog was, I mean just imagine what it would be like if all of a sudden the ground underneath you just started to move and you were continuously flying upward. I would have attacked you to. lol. This is a definite YDI!!

if I were the dog, I would have nerd raged and bitten your leg off. Then I would have pissed in your mouth as you writhed in pain.

I hope the dog killed your friend, and the others dogs around will kill you soon. The definition of karma.

If I were the dog I would've drop kicked you while on the trampoline

MissBunny I wake up every morning wishing I could meet a girl like you.

wth missbunny yet again you mention pee. o.O and I agree. you completely had it coming

Haha, my dog JUMPS intonthe trapoline whenever anyone goes into it... she loves it(: ....I have a crazy dog..(:

OP I want to put you on a giant trampoline with bouncing 70ft tall giants and see how you like it.

I don't get it. I thought all dogs like bouncing.

karma's a bitch!!!(pun intended)

^ Where the fuck is the pun ?

Bitch = Female Dog.

Agreed, 1. Hope he goes poopie on your face while you're sleeping later on.

^^^ i cracked up at your picture :D

237 was talking about the banana picture

Dogs must hate you...

ur mom must hate u

your mirror must hate you

Your English teacher must hate you.

Your shift key must hate you.

let's force you to do something you don't want to do and see how you like it, but don't blame the people who forced you to do it when you get upset and lash out...moron

HEY my mirror thinks im sexy

so does my english teacher ad shift key

This Device Has Been Modified.

I hate you. Well, my comment will get modded for that. So instead... C- C- COMBOBREAKER

ydi for bouncing him...

I like your dog

Aree. that's practically animal abuse.

Agreed X2 def. animal abuse.

Hits "thumbs up" repeatedly.

Agrees with Doc!!

stop discriminating you piece of shit

81, cool yo' titties. Perdix is the master of wit.

shes_electric, why don't you just go back into your Waterford Crystal house and eat your potatoes.

I've been to the factory! That crystal sho is purdy! ...And btw, to be on topic: What on earth would make you think putting an animal on a trampoline was a good idea? Did you really think that was going to end well? herr-DERP indeed.

Is it a smart dog?

are you a smart dog???

I don't think its animal abuse, but it can still be cruel.

Original Poopyhead!

What the flying fuck?!? Why on earth would you share that?!? You are one sick fuck!!!!

YDI is normally You Deserved It. OP is Original Post(er).

anti flood protection huh?

is your mom a smart dog?

agreed^ what sort of stupid fuck would stick their dog on a trampoline and think it would be 'hilarious' ?? op, you're seirously an idiot

I'm a smart bitch.

3- that's what she said. 8D.

This has ydi written all over it.

op has 'idiot' written all over them!

The two of you have WIN written all over!! lol

Yeah, your probably not his favorite person right now.

how would you feel if someone did that to you?

yeah i am ! he has grown used to it and likes to lie there in the sun now and bounce with us. lol

I really feel sorry for this dog.

you deserved it

op, can you say re - tar - ded ??

baybeezy my dog is cuter than yours

lilmisslovey it might not be a dog and who cares if its cuter a dogs a dig

dog abuser lol ydi. gave me a good chuckle though.

You found abusing your dog hilarious? I hope the dog attacked your ovaries so you can't pass on your glaring stupidity to others. Stupid twat.

That almost sounds healthy boners. Personally I'd have gone for something more if a deep fried sort.

LOL, I hope your dog attack your ovaries! haha never heard that one before. Good one :)

LOL, I hope your dog attack your ovaries! haha never heard that one before. Good one :)

I hate when ppl respect animals more then human beings. get your priorities straight it's not right.

ya i can see how you don't care you probably test every single bit of ur makeup on animals u greasy fake bitch

Isn't that the purpose of having a Dog? To test your new makeup and shampoo? why the fuck would you risk hurting your own eyes?

and it wouldn't be any of your business if I do or don't now would it.. go STFU I was just giving my opinion so grow up freak

Well, 91, If the human is a moron, and the dog is left to fend for himself against the stupidity, then yeah- I'm siding with the dog. =)

91- do us a favor and stfu. OP is a retard for thinking it was funny and you are stupid for even opening your mouth. animals don't deserve to be disrespected. look what happens when they are.

Well said 114.

91 is right, we should respect humans more. Next time she gets hit by a car, do her a favor and put her out of her misery. Poor, poor person... I agree with Doc, animal cruelty is intolerable. Humans can take it.

lol 91, I feel the same way. xD Though I do respect them a little.

91 what you said was retarded. shut your mouth bieber fangirl

You don't need to tell lextheplex to shut her mouth. She was only voicing her opinion. My question to lextheplex is: Where did I say anything about respecting animals more than people? Am I to respect this woman who was abusing her dog? Should I feel sorry for her getting what she deserved? I give the utmost respect to the people who earn it. People who abuse anything (other people, animals, drugs, the law, etc) don't deserve respect.

91- Do you know what's worse? When stupid ignorant writers use chat speak and fail to capitalize their sentences. Way to go, you.

Now now, no need to call her names. I agree she is stupid, but you could have said it in a nicer way. (Funny comment though)

Lol good one Doc

exactly what i was thinking:)

lol chill man, he probably thought his dog was the jumping type

"you have spots! you MUST be the jumping sort!"

I respect the dog more than I respect you

I hope it was worth it