By Anonymous - / Monday 10 August 2009 20:18 / United Kingdom
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haha ikr!
and texting isnt as bad as email. i know a girl who got dumped through an email. after a 1 year relationship. i felt soo bad for her.

but i guess we know who the better bf is now

  Alexgoesfml  |  3

I actually like that pet name. Meh, maybe it is a british thing. I would hate it if my gf would say 'hey sexy', that shit annoys me. Also back to the FML, were you two actually having an argument over who's boyfriend is better? YDI for trying to show off and holding your bf like a trophy, grow up!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Aw, really? I think "tiger" is pretty great.
Because he's a TIGER in BED!

Though "tiger" is often used by dads for boys...

But what the hell? Debating over whose boyfriend is better?
Man I hope I never get so petty. Is that supposed to be normal?
Also, putting him on speaker phone? Without him knowing? What if he wanted to tell you something in private? Jeez.

I must say YDI.

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