By Anonymous - United States
Today, my friend accidentally left her facebook logged onto my computer after she left my house. I looked on her facebook and found a very long message between her and my other friends talking about how much they hate me. FML
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  EvieAngel  |  0

Why don't you go and tell them.
Don't be a wimp! Getting them back is going to prove a point on why they hate you! Just go straight up to them and break up your friendship. And btw maybe she left that up so you'd get the point. I've gone thru this too - except I heard them talking.

By  frostie  |  0

Well, try and see what they said about you, and try to improve yourself from what they said about you. There's no such thing as a perfect friend. How can you tell if someone really is a good friend? They might treat you really well, and then all of a sudden be retarded, and just ditch you and lose contact with you for no reason. Also think before you talk, because you might have said something that got your friend pissed off at you in the first place e.g. making insensitive jokes, trying to be funny but coming off as an ass to her etc etc

By  Reality_bites  |  14

Thats fucked up. Not only is she insulting you by bitching about you behind your back but she's using your computer and internet to do it too. It may be that you do need to improve some character traits that you have, but its rude of her to bitch to everyone rather than than let you know what she doesnt like.

You should change details on her page and send lots of random friend requests to people.