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LOL smart kid. :D

Children should be in cages.


LOL smart kid. :D

Head dropped off

I was thinking the same thing. The little girl knows what she's talking about.

She got that from daddy..

that's just weird....

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Like criminals and monkeys?

No, like English men and girls from Oregon.

Yup. I was raised in a cage. Look how I contribute to society now. You know, last year I wrote a speech in philosophy, supporting the detainment of these vermin.

You're all going to be in a corner while I smack you all with an umbrella. Animals, I tell ya'.

I don't think this cage is big enough for 3. LANI KNOWS HOW I LIKE IT!

15, but Minnesota girls are awesome! I should know because I'm one of them :D

Hell yes! Air high five, 29! He was saying he wants to be in a cage with me, LOL!

Pen is a gopher?

wait resbluegreen ad the other the other with a cat picture tour back o haven't seen your comments lately so happy face there here

I was born in Minnesota!

I suddenly feel sick to my stomach.

What the hell did you say, 66? I mean really? I seriously have concerns.

As you should; 89, as you should. D:

why would u want to be in a cage

FYI, I'm a kid. Asshole you were too.

She's right!

Farts.... are natural D:<

thank you!! no one here agrees with me that they are.

what are you talking about? I. had to look up fart in the dictionary cuz I didn't even know what it was. I have never farted in my life and it definitely isn't natural. well maby for aliens o O __

Graawr I completely imagined William Murderface saying your comment and making that smiley expression.

Wow that's really disgusting. Teach her some manners!

someone should teach you manners. it's rude not to have a shirt on, young lady.

^^ I concur someone should teach that young woman that getting your titties out in public is offensive!

havin' a pic like urs is disgusting. Bet you got fucked in ur 3rd star.

hahahahahhahah owned!