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Your dad is Charlie Sheen?

you should kick him over yelling, "THIS. IS. SPARTA!"


Your dad is Charlie Sheen?

embarassement much? sorry dude, but parents will work as hard as they can to embarasse us.

Your spelling of the words embarrass and embarrassing are embarrassing. This dad just knows how to party. Take notes, OP.

What an awful football coach! my football coach encourages to stay away from that crap, especially during the season! You know your coach sucks when he can't even take a game seriously.

wow that's gotta be embarrassing haha

sweetie this ain't a spelling bee okay? All I wanted was to get my point across. And I am not EMBARRASSED to spell my words incorrectly when I type a comment in FML

56, that just makes you look even more stupid.

okay :) have a nice day

umm. if my dad did that I would love him. that's funny and badass. embarrassing yes, but something to brag about. my dads just a lame boring businessman I never see id lov to have that happen it'd make my day

#59 Stop before you hurt yourself.

LunaNstars is confused! *herp derp* It hurt itself in its confusion! *licks battery*

66, AFI rules.

mr allmidnighteyes you can suck ma dick :)

cldean24 4

59, I honestly wouldn't give a fuck either. If they can understand what you are saying is it really that terrible? If FML were a term paper, then I would call you out, but you aren't getting graded on this. least u don typ lyke dis.


Awesome dad you got there!!

Y'all stop picking on 96. He makes human mistakes. Just cuz he is winning-challenged doesn't mean ya'll have gotta be mean. Also his dad isn't but mine is Lol

my father would do that, with out being drunk.

56-you stand up to that grammar nazi woo!

Just give him some carrots and tell him 2 shut the fuck up XD

155 your picture is amazing! and your dad ftw!

stop with the carrot crap.

you should kick him over yelling, "THIS. IS. SPARTA!"

then looked at your team and yelled...SPARTANS, PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!

lmfao. ^ win after win.

you ruined the win chain^^^

how is this a fml i wish my dad was part leonidus :(

my schools team is the spartans :)

your dad is awesome

agreed- anyone'd be lucky to have him as a ather, I know I would!!!

No, its still funny.


haha I kinda like you're dads style!

your dad is amazing!! lol

look at her dad, her dad is amazing!

Treasure your father. He is a great man!

he is drunk at his sons game... and he also happens to be the coach... how is he a great man?

I never thought I'd have to explain what a joke is so many times on one site.

87, it's called sarcasm. Ever heard of it?

the facts u just stated makes him a great leases he's got the balls to do it, drunk or not

hectic dad, should've joined him.