By Hunter - 06/12/2010 06:17

Today, my five year old son was sick with a stomach bug. He didn't want to leave my side so I decided to grab a bowl from the kitchen for him to puke into. The thing is, it was dark in the kitchen and I accidentally grabbed a strainer. My new outfit is now ruined. FML
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It's called a light switch. Turn it on.

you should be worried about your kid being sick. not your outfit getting ruined, because that is easily washed. o_O


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Women are supposed to have kitchen-activated nightvision so they can still make sammiches if the power is out. Oh, you're a dude... I think.

shoulda jus put him in the bathroom

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doubt it's a dude "it ruined my new outfit" doesn't sound like a dude to me... op eat carrots for night vision or turn the light on lol!!!

wouldn't the kid notice

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13: The OP is "Hunter". Unless he/she is from Alabama or something, I would have to assume it's a man. Put up your real picture!

Lol that's funny #1

There was a girl in my elementary school named Hunter, and she lived in Pennsylvania. I think she's 12 or 13 now. Poor girl.

a girl in my gym class is named hunter! and I know a guy named Bailey! and a girl named rob! and a guy and a girl (me) named Shae!!!

so your outfit is more important than your son?

Lights aren't that hard to look for.

I had a classmate named Ashley. He was a dude.

shit happens...or puke...

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or weeee's lol

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Uh turn on a light? you Sir, fail.

um comment on your own comment, sir you fail. ^

you should be worried about your kid being sick. not your outfit getting ruined, because that is easily washed. o_O

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who the hell wears a new outfit around their kid if said child has a stomach bug? makes no sense. so YDI.

So you actually expect them to change their outfit instead of caring for their child? They should have neglected the child's need for care and nursing so they could take off their clothes and put something more appropriate on? That's ridiculous. You are a selfish inconsiderate person.

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my thoughts exactly... OP is an idiot

Don't worry, puke dresses will be "in" once Lady Gaga wears it.

take the kid to the bathroom, don't get a bowl.

I've never seen anyone but Lady GaGa wear what she does, to be honest.

BloodyHeel is right lol, thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

smart comment i've read in this entire page!! "turn on the lights, change outfit, and #102's comment which was retarded." c'mon. these ppl need to get BRAINS.

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i know if i was sitting next to a puking kid I would wear my new outfit. because that makes sense.

Maybe, the op had gotten dress for work, then found out about her kid being sick. You don't know there situation, so please try not to judge, or be rude. This goes for everyone.

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hmm wouldnt you notice though? :p

It's called a light switch. Turn it on.

exactly what i was thinking and i call fake, a strainer weighs no where near a bowl unless its a big ass strainer

hint for the next time. the one with holes leaks. heeheeheee

Why didn't you turn on a light? Does a strainer really feel like a bowl to you? Why were you wearing a new outfit to care for a sick child? YDI, YDI, YDI.

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Obviously someone not used to being in the kitchen. Probably a guy.

ya, he should've just asked his woman that was making him a samwitch in the dark for it. ydi for not making the female do the lesser work.

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really? do people dress accordingly to their child being sick? dick.

I agree but they probably just came back from shopping or an event so she was dressed nicely and then she just grabbed what was on hand and didn't have time to change outfits.

Whatever I have kids and it always comes out in the wash with napisan.

This is good! Now you can easily get to the chunks, without having to fish through all that stomach acid!

ahaha ^ I was just gunna say that

You're more worried about your suit than your sick son?

chogle 8

he only threw up. it doesn't mean he is deathly sick or anything. I think OP has plenty of room to worry about her own wardrobe.