By angkal2002 - 22/11/2014 03:29 - Australia

Today, my five year old sister won't stop saying, "shit buckle fuckle ton." My boyfriend's excuse was that he was teaching her how to rhyme. FML
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At least it rhymes...

hippodankamus 22

Watch her grow up to be the greatest rapper of all time


At least it rhymes...

#6 I guess number one didn't have time to rhyme.

Don't worry, that shit is gonna be a hit!

Not to be a git, but we need to quit.

mif_fml 27

No, it's a crime that he taught her such a shitty rhyme.

But once it is all set and done, he doesn't give a shit buckle fuckle ton.

-throws flowers-

And now, we are being showered with flowers for these lyrics of ours.

Can I join with more flowers on this late hour?

*deep sigh* Boyfriends. . .what can you do about it? xD

Well, technically, she could break up with him. Would be a bit of an overreaction, but it's something you could do

#2 Um.. Maybe try getting one with some class?

Killing him is a bit of an over reaction but, dumping him would be fine if he continues this behavior.

Say that 5 times fast

Shit buckle fuckle ton. Shit buckle fuckle ton . Shit buckle fuckle ton. Shit buckle fuckle ton. Shit buckle fuckle ton.

Saying and typing a tongue twister are very different things.

Honestly, after saying it 5 times fast it's not much of a tongue twister at all, just hilarious

That's one way.

He couldn't stick with cat and hat or rat or fat?

hippodankamus 22

Watch her grow up to be the greatest rapper of all time

I'm gonna let you finish, but OP's sister is the greatest rapper of all time.

I shouldn't have laughed at this. Try and explain to the kid that you can't say those things and move on. Put the boyfriend in time out.

I completely agree with 8, this is where discipline and consequences come into play. Explain that it's not appropriate to say, that the boyfriend was in the wrong for teaching it and hopefully she'll listen, if she doesn't and continues to say it than that's what time-outs are for. Good luck op!

Soap meet bf's mouth.

New poet laureate right there!

Haha! Epic. Have you thought of how you are going to explain this to your mum?

Maybe try teach her a new one?