By MrsCasillas - 26/09/2013 06:24 - United States - Oklahoma City

Today, my financial issues hit a new low when I had to borrow back some of the money I gave the guy who did my hair. FML
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Why would you even consider doing your hair when you have that kind of problems with your economy?

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How exactly did you get your barber to loan you money?


aligator121 15

How exactly did you get your barber to loan you money?

I don't understand that either...Maybe she has a friend in that profession who was willing to?

she never said it was a barber...

16 - look up the meaning of 'barber', go sit in a corner, and reflect upon your comment.

of course i know what a barber is. she just never specified that it was one. there are loads of people who let their hair cut by someone they know who never went to school for it and give them a smaller compensation than you would give to a professional. in that case the FML makes a lot more sense to me.

bfsd42 20

33, take your own advice. Look up the meaning of barber. Op is a woman. Barbers cut men's hair.

I'm actually in the same boat as OP. My "hairdresser" is a girl who posted an ad online and does it out of her house.

MrsCasillas 8

He's a really decent guy & understood my situation.

xSonic 9

90% sure she just gave him some head

46 - OP isn't the barber, dumbass.she said she had to borrow back money from the GUY who did her hair.

Why would you even consider doing your hair when you have that kind of problems with your economy?

Maybe his job has a strict dress code?

Maybe her financial problems are caused by the condition of her hair! Never know.

Cut her some slack please! She never said she was actually getting her hair done! Maybe she just happened to run into the guy?

Because no matter the situation, girls are willing to waste money fixing something most guys won't notice in the end.

20 it blatantly says right in the FML that she was getting her hair done...

You should still keep your hair nice. It does effect professionalism, first impressions and general self esteem. However, unless you have an absurdly complex style there's no reason why you can't do it yourself or at the very least, ask a friend to help. I'm sure almost everyone has at least one friend (or possibly an acquaintance who would accept a reduced fee?) who is reasonably competent.

What i meant to imply was that he could be her regular hair dresser who she happens to be friends with. And when she got into a financial crisis, she may have ran into the guy and then asked for the money!

Wouldn't she then have just been borrowing money from a friend rather than, specifically, her hairdresser?

41- in that case she probably would have said she borrowed money from a friend, or if she doesn't quite count him as a friend, it at least would have said "I had to borrow some money from the guy who does my hair" rather than "I had to borrow BACK some money from the guy who DID my hair" which implies that he had just done it recently and she took back the money she had paid him.

How vain are you that you'd go get your hair done when you have no money? Tie it up until payday!

MrsCasillas 8

Not vain at all, actually. I make sure my family is taken care of. Shoot me if doing this ÓNE thing for myself for ONCE makes me a bad person, please.

Actually, it is very vain. Did you ever learn to spend money? Don't they teach you the difference between wants and needs in kindergarten? I understand that it's only one thing you did for yourself, but if you can't afford something and you don't need it to live you shouldn't get it.

Who gets there Hair done wen they have no money. Ydi!

The horrible grammar, it burns.

#8, *their, *when

The better option was to check your bank account and the barber prices before going

Unless you have a good excuse to have your hair done, like a job interview or a strict presentation code at work, I won't get over the fact that you spent money to get your hair done in such an economic state. I can't offer any advice, but good luck getting out of that tight spot, OP.

Going to a hair salon in far from necessary. Trimming split end or long bangs by yourself isn't hard, all you need is a good pair of scissors and patience. Or if it is really short, an electric razor. Dying or bleaching roots can also be done at home, or just ignore it since nobody gives a damn if some natural roots are showing. Ergo, stop spending money you don't have and grow up. In the real world, you can't always afford to get everything you want.

MrsCasillas 8

Wow. Okay, let me start by saying that you don't know anything about me. I happen to give my family everything they want or need. My hair was horrible before & it's the only thing I've wanted to do for a long-ass time, but never could until now. I thought I had money left, but I guess my husband decided GTA V was more important than making our money last. So I am grown up. instead of some spoiled brat that you seem to think I am. I don't ever ask anybody for anything. And I never really want anything for myself either.

Don't you just need a shower and a hairbrush to make your hair look good? By the way, I'm sure that you getting your hair done didn't make the fact that your husband wasted money on GTA V any better. Really though, if you got back at your husband by getting your hair done, you REALLY need to grow up.

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Misguided priorities is what you have...

It looks like the economic crisis has got you making more cuts than necessary.

Try having a neighbor cut your hair to save money ^_^

Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like needing a haircut wasn't the issue. I don't know if it's different in the states, but here if we need a haircut, we say "haircut". If I say someone "did my hair" it means I got a fancy updo, which is generally 1) way more expensive than a cut, and 2) completely unnecessary. To me it just sounds like OP is really shallow and thinks that having her hair professionally styled is a priority even though she's broke. If she actually meant that he cut her hair, that's different, but yes, she should probably find a cheaper option for it.