By anonymous - 26/04/2015 13:35 - United States - Knoxville

Today, my fiancé threatened to break up with me if our dog couldn't be the best man at our wedding. FML
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Agree if your cat can be the maid of honor.

Dogs are man's best friend.


He loves his dog that much!

Agree if your cat can be the maid of honor.

Just be careful, he might take you seriously!

Would love to hear the speeches

Dogs are man's best friend.

People need to stop posting their own comments and just like #3's comment. You won't find a more clever one

That was not sarcasm btw.

bros before hoes

Dogs before trusting our logs

man's best friend

Rev:"Do you have the rings?" Groom: "I-I think he swallowed them."

They're overreacting just a little?

what if he trained the dog to give him items and drop it in ops fiances hand

69, I certainly hope he didn't train the dog to hold the rings in his mouth. That's just an FML waiting to happen!

That's kind of sweet that he loves his dog so much, but inconvenient and a huge overreaction

The title "best man" would imply that they would be male and a human. He sounds like fool, reconsider your future.

I agree with #9e there's boundaries when it comes to animals. As much as you love your pet, they have their place and role in this world.

9, "best man" refers to male and human, and yet there are many women that are the groom's best man. The best man is now just related as someone who is the groom's best friend, & someone that has always been there for him; which he obviously feels is his dog. I agree the groom is over-reacting. But I'm sure there can be a compromise. Maybe the (human) best man can walk (or hold depending on the dogs size) the dog down the isle and then hand him off to someone else. Or maybe the dog can go down the isle with the ring bearer. He's over-reacting, but there can easily be a compromise here and it's no reason to break up with someone. In fact, how they handle this argument/issue is a good example of how they will handle other disagreements in their future. Best to look at this as the first serious disagreement as a engaged couple and try and resolve it as you would when you're married.

This is the most literal use of a dog is a mans best friend that I have ever seen.